Fajita Night with TortillaLand & Wholly Guacamole


Our Salad Bar Night went over so well last week because they kids loved being able to choose their own toppings. I decided that we needed to try it again with a twist I knew they would dig – Fajita Night!

You see, we are a total Mexican family. Okay, we are American, but if you knew how much we liked it you might question that.

With the help of Tortilla Land and Wholly Guacamole I had an amazing set up!

Fajita Night

I had fajita flavored chicken (which I made homemade seasoning) mixed with peppers and onions, spinach, 2 kinds of salsa and 2 kinds of guacamole, cheese, black beans,mexican rice and even leftover queso from Moe’s Southwest Grill.

Do you remember my last post on TortillaLand? I have been craving them ever since. They really are my most favorite shell that you can buy and unfortunately are not available in my immediate area, but are worth the drive to find them!

The ingredients are pretty simple – unbleached wheat flour, water, canola oil, salt and just a pinch of sugar – so it must be a bit of love that makes them so yum.

They come uncooked which is unique right? You just toss them in a pan for a minute. On Fajita Night I had an inspiration idea and stuck them in my quesadilla maker to quickly heat. It worked awesomingly! Is that a word? I was able to do other things on my stove while easily cooking multiple shells. That is why you see pizza slice type lines on them.


Really, you NEED to find them and try them out! We’ve had quesadillas for lunch everyday this week just because I crave these shells. ha!


Wholly Guacamole

Now on to the guac. P’Diddy loves guac. That is what he calls it. Not guacamole. Guac. Mom, I want some more guac.

I’m right there with him. Definitely need some on my plate!

We have been Wholly Guacamole fans for a long time! Unless avocados are on sale, it is cheaper to buy guacamole than to make from scratch. Once in awhile I’ll buy a different brand and then come home to regret it. Nothing is as good!

Did you know that they have 10 different varieties you can buy? From Classic to Spicy to Chunky to Organic!

Plus 8 Salsas?! Avocado Verde and Classic Mild are what we tried on Fajita Night, but we also have a Red Pepper Mango in the fridge to open soon. Yum!

 Fajita Night Taco

you know you want one!

All Natural – No Preservatives – Gluten Free – Kosher. Just as it should be!

I love eating it right out of the container with some chips or adding it to my hamburger. That Spicy flavor gives it a great kick!

There are some fabulous recipes on their site for ideas.


Our Fajita Night went over so well that I did Taco Night with leftovers and seasoned ground beef. Grass fed beef of course. 😉

Visit TortillaLand & Wholly Guacamole for more info.

oh and I discovered you can buy both on Amazon! So happy about that for the tortillas which are harder to find!

TortillaLand on Amazon & Wholly Guacamole on Amazon


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