Fair Trade Sports Eco Soccer Ball

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I don’t even know how to begin this post. There is SO much I want to say in my excitement about Fair Trade Sports! I will try and keep it short(er) and sweet so read on…you won’t want to miss this one.


Did you know that you can buy eco-friendly sports equipment? Well now ya do! Fair Trade Sports is the first company to make sports balls that are certified Green AND certified Fair Trade. What does that mean?

~ the 70% of rubber that makes up their balls are from natural rubber tree forests in India and Sri Lanka that have been third-party certified as sustainably managed.

~ that their adult workers are paid a Fair Trade Certified wage and ensured healthy working conditions. No child labor!

Giving Back

All After -Tax Profits Are Designated For Children’s Charities. I hope I made that stand out!

We (the founders Scott and Susan) decided we have already been blessed with a lot. We decided that we had enough, and wanted to use our skill sets to create positive change in the world.

You can read story after story on the their blog on where their money goes…sooo cool.

The Soccer Balls

Skillfully hand-stitched by adult workers (fight child labor!) using superior Japanese cordley shine synthetic leather.

Eco-certified, certified Fair Trade, and vegan.

They range from the Club ball which is the perfect family ball and was featured in Parents Magazine & O Magazine to the Premium ball made for the highest level of competitive play.

We have the Eco Soccer Ball – Premium Match (Size 4 Triangles). We all love soccer in our family but my O’Bear LOVES soccer. It is that season right now and I can’t tell you how excited he was to get his new ball! With orange…his favorite color! He brings it to every single practice and game and will tell you that it helped him score a goal last week!

More Fun

Volume Discount (for coaches, family buying groups, etc) ~ Buy any group of balls in a package of 10 and SAVE!

Custom Design ~ use your company logo or design you own ball (for large quanities only but neat!)

Footballs, Rugby Balls, Basketballs, & Ultimate Discs also available from Fair Trade Sports!


OK, enough chatting. I hope I got across the point of how cool this company is! I can’t wait for you to check it out!

Fair Trade SportsWin an Eco Soccer Ball – Premium Match – Size 4 Triangles