Essentia Natural Memory Foam Pillow

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Let’s chat about the Essentia Natural Memory Foam Pillow. Good sleep is so important. Being drowsy and crabby the next day is not good for me or for the people around me. I’ve learned a few important facts over the years to make sure I get the zzzzzzs I need.

1) A set schedule really helps. Now I’m not one of these that says 10:30 on the dot my eyes should be closed, but I do watch the clock and once 11 rolls around I know it’s time to wind down my reading. My alarm goes off the same time each school morning of course and I find I wake up close to that on the weekends too.

2) Keep drinking to a minimum. I’m just like a kid having to pee in the night. Our air is so dry that I keep water by my bed, but I know to sip it otherwise I’ll be up too many times.

3) If I have a lot going on in my head, essential oils help calm down my mind. I love the smell as I doze off!

4) The right mattress and pillow. I can not stress how important this is! I slept on a ‘bad’ mattress most of my life and I know the difference. You need something comfy AND supportive to get the rest you need.

Essentia Natural Memory Foam Pillow

Essentia Natural Memory Foam Pillow

I was recently introduced to Essentia who makes the only Natural Memory Foam products with…

Hevea Milk: Milky white “sap” of the Rubber tree, collected much like Maple tree sap. The hevea milk is sourced from Indonesia, collected from Rubber Plantations where acceptable working conditions are maintained and there is no practice of child labor. This milk is processed to make the natural memory foam and Dunlop Latex Foam.

Dunlop Latex: A rubbery foam made from Hevea Milk (rubber tree sap) which is known for its durability, support qualities and purity. They use natural Dunlop latex foam, the finest natural latex foam available.

Organic Essential Oils: A natural and healthy alternative to man-made oils or petroleum, they use certified organic essential oils. LOVE THIS! Grapefruit seed, cone flower essence and jasmine essence all help us achieve proper consistency in our natural memory foam while providing soothing and rejuvenating properties to the body and spirit.

Natural Plant Extracts: As a substitution to harsh toxic chemicals used in conventional memory foam, plant extracts such as hydrolyzed corn help achieve the proper consistency for the natural memory foam.

Essentia Natural Memory Foam Pillow

I was sent the Classic Pillow

Heavy, but soft and firm (can it be both?! yes!) it felt out of the box. I couldn’t wait to test it out that night.

The outer covering is unbleached organic cotton made durable, breathable and removable for easy cleaning.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a pillow that is both comfy AND supportive like I need. It’s usually one or the other. I’ve learned over the years that memory foam is great because it conforms and supports your body, in this case your head and neck. Plus relieves your pressure points which we so need!

Since Essentia is made naturally, it makes me feel even better because we all should be sleeping without all the ‘gunk’ – their word and I love it!

Visit the Essentia website and you can read how they are made in Quebec, Canada.

WIN the Classic or Comfort (a tad softer!) Essentia Pillow! (RV $219 & $139)

Do you need a Essentia Natural Memory Foam Pillow?

I partnered with Essentia for these items. All opinions are my own. 

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