Enter to Win Reliable Corporation’s EnviroMate Pronto Steam Cleaner ~ 2 Win!

As I write this post the giveaway currently has 286 entries and ends on July 16th at noon. Go enter!


Remember Reliable Corporation? I chatted about their UberLight LED Task Light & Sensor Velocity Iron not very long ago.

Well now you can head to their Facebook page to enter to win their EnviroMate Pronto Steam Cleaner. Use it this summer for…

  • Cleaning the BBQ grill and grates (will never damage stainless steel), no chemicals
  • Camping gear, bicycles, sports equipment, and golf clubs, leaves a shiny finish
  • Freshens all fabrics and garments (100% cotton shirt)

Click Here to Enter TODAY because TWO Win! (link is mobile friendly)


Watch for the EnviroMate Pronto Steam Cleaner to be featured here on the blog next month in time to help get ready for Back to School!

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