EKOCYCLE Transforms Recycled Plastic into a Printed Object


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3D printers are finally starting to do their part in minimizing our overall carbon footprint. By employing a special filament that harnesses recyclable plastic, 3D Systems’ EKOCYCLE printer marks a new breakthrough for sustainable materials. Not only does it allow people to create something useful and unique from waste, but it heralds a new way of thinking. This could be the beginning of a sustainable revolution, where we re-use almost everything and drastically reduce our consumption. Recyclable plastic filament is just one of the latest materials that 3D printers can use now — clay, sugar, chocolate, and sand have also been harnessed to build beautiful objects. We hope that these environmentally friendly sources become part of a larger trend to help save our planet. At the very least, they offer us a way to express ourselves and not feel so guilty in the process. Below, we’d like to share an inspirational graphic that lists a few promising developments in the 3D printing arena.
World of 3D printing infographic
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