EcoVessel Water Bottles to Bring on Your Outdoor Adventure

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Summer and Water Bottles just go together. We don’t leave our house unless we are fully stocked. It’s been a few years since I had EcoVessel Water Bottles on the blog, but their Boulder bottle is one of our favs. What is funny is I now live near Boulder, right along with Eco Vessel headquarters. Who ever would have thought?!

Their line of products keeps getting bigger and bigger and I am impressed that you can find every kind imaginable! Everybody wants something different, right? Well me? My bottle has to be stainless steel insulated and that is why I’m happy to share with you EcoVessel’s TriMax Technology.

EcoVessel Water Bottles

EcoVessel Water Bottles

Your water stays cold after a long day during these hot days!

They have a lot of great kid designs. Each of my boys has their own to bring along – no sharing or fighting. The size is just right for them to be able to carry and my favorite feature is the handle has a loop to easily slip through their fingers or hook onto their sports equipment.

This is the Frost Kids Insulated Stainless Steel in the Peace design.

His first golf lesson!
His first golf lesson!

Now I’m really excited to tell you about the water bottle I recieved – The Aqua Vessel Insulated Filtration bottles is the first water bottles to offer both TriMax triple insulation technology AND water filtration!

The water bottle filters feature activated coconut shell carbon filters which last for up to 100 gallons of water or 550 refills.

This bottle is perfect for long day adventures! While I have wonderfully filtered water at home, what happens when I go out and need a refill? I don’t even like the taste of tap water anymore. I can now have the water filtered as I sip!

EcoVessel Water Bottles
Perfect to refill when you’ll be gone all day on your adventure!

There is also an extra straw included so you don’t need to have it filtered and it will hold a bit more water. Love choices!

Check out ~ you’ll love the variety & technology!

Father’s Day Sale – use code: dad20 for 20% off your purchase until 6/21 or find on Amazon.

EcoVessel Water Bottles

WIN EcoVessel Water Bottles!

Aqua Vessel Insulated Filtration & Frost Kids Insulated!

I received these products to help write my post. All opinions are my own. Links may be affiliate.

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