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Eco Vessel Water Bottle is out of Boulder, CO

Why they are a great company before we even see the product…

Giving back by supporting campaigns like Water For People that provides clean water around the world

Created the Double Wall Glass Bottle (it’s cool looking!) where 50% of the profit is for charity

Teamed up with the city of Boulder to spread the EnergySmart message ~ helping the community with energy efficiency

All products are made with high quality materials, bpa-free, and are 100% recyclable.


We have many water bottles – and they all get used. Each time we leave the house, every family member has their own.

I have to tell you though…we have found our favorite.

The Boulder Triple Insulated Bottle with Screw Cap

Insulated is the only water bottle I use…I like my drinks cold. The Boulder has been tested to keep water cold for 36 hours and retain heat for about 12 hours.

The first day we used it was on a road trip. At the end of the day, in a hot car, there was actually ice cubes still in it! Hubby was bragging that he was the only one with cold water to drink. Now this is our kind of water bottle!

It’s also a great size at 25oz. Most bottles are to small and we find ourselves hot and thirsty by the end of our errands.

The top is perfect ~ a wide opening for my ice cubes, but a small spout to drink from. Plus a handy strap that keeps the lid attached when drinking. It has it ALL!

oh, don’t let me forget the removable mesh strainer basket that is wonderful for tea!

Kids Insulated Bottle with Straw Top

Now the kids have become water bottle hogs too. At school they have one that stays on top their desk all day. They still want it to be cold on their hot bus ride home. And of course they want cool looking ones!

Made with the same insulated material, but has a top specially designed for easier drinking through the easy-sip straw. A flip straw – and the boys do loooove flipping it! The drinking spout is made of tightly bonded TPR material, so it is not only stronger, but it’s safe, too!


All Eco Vessel bottles and containers are guaranteed against manufacturer’s defects for their entire lifetime. Bottle and container accessories such as tops, silicone spouts and strainers come with a one-year warranty.

Do you know how many water bottle parts I’ve had fail in a short period of time? This is awesome!

Free Shipping after $35 at


WIN an Eco Vessel Stainless Steel Water Bottle!

Boulder Triple Insulated (RV $24.95) or Frost Kids Insulated (RV $19.95)

2 Winners!

Good Luck!
I received the water bottles for review and was not compensated in any way and all opinions are my own. 

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