Easy Guidelines to Help Pack Lunch

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I remember when I used to dread making lunches for one child. Now I have three! It makes my mornings very hectic between fixing breakfast, getting them dressed, teeth brushed, backpacks packed with everything they need, water bottles filled. Lunches? This is probably the most important part – and the most time consuming.

Easy Guidelines to Help Pack Lunch

Over the years I’ve developed an Easy Guideline to help pack lunches for myself to get things speeding along.

Easy Guidelines to Help Pack Lunch

1. Do what you can the night before. I set out lunchboxes, drink bottles and any pantry items I will need in the morning. I make sandwiches ahead if that is on the menu and group together fridge items to easily grab.

Easy Guidelines to Help Pack Lunch

2. That morning I watch the time. Once it hits 7:45 I HAVE to start putting everything together no matter what. You might find me looking over my shoulder often to make sure they are getting dressed and finishing up breakfast without me.

3. I have food guidelines too. Each meal will contain Protein, Fruit/Veggie, and Healthy ‘Dessert’. The big boys usually have 3 items containing these categories, but P’Diddy does better with a variety of finger foods which is why I bought him a Bentgo Box this year.

Easy Guidelines to Help Pack Lunch

4. Try to have at least one FuN item whether it’s a cute note, a new never seen item (food or accessory), or a hidden surprise. Below I’ve hidden a few M&Ms from leftover Halloween in his sunflower seeds.

5. Get child’s input. If I don’t give them choices – do you want a banana or apple today – then I find they don’t eat it. Ask their opinions and even get them involved in making their own lunch.

Easy Guidelines to Help Pack Lunch

Horizon Organic products are some of our favorites! I don’t have to worry about any ‘junk’ ingredients. We headed to Walmart this past week to try some of their products we hadn’t tested yet. We did find a demo stand, but they must have been at lunch. That didn’t stop us from buying a couple of new snacks to add to our daily lunches!

Easy Guidelines to Help Pack Lunch

Fruit Pouches made organic milk and real fruit. Just like a smoothie! Love that they have 5gr of protein per pouch.

Sandwich Crackers made with real organic peanut butter. The perfect snack!

Hope these easy guidelines to help pack lunch has helped! Have you tried Horizon Organic foods?

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