Drive Electric in the Chevy Bolt EV


We have been car shopping the past month or so and a hybrid has been at the top of my list. As a green mama it just seems like the next step for me. I was thrilled to be able to drive an entirely electric car last week to test out what I thought. All electric! It seems like a dream.

Hello Chevy Bolt EV!

Let me list a few of its fun features:

  • 259-Mile Battery Range: Chevy’s first all-electric vehicle offers an EPA-estimated 259 miles of range on a single battery charge.
  • Design: The exterior body is beautifully sculpted and equipped with eye-catching details.
  • Regen-on-Demand: With just a simple pull of the paddle on your steering wheel, you’re able to slow down without using the actual brake pedal. This helps convert energy into more electricity and then transfers it back to the battery.
  • One Pedal Driving: When in “Low” mode at any speed, you can slow down and come to a complete stop by simply lifting your foot off the accelerator. This feature helps you transfer energy back to the vehicle battery instead of losing energy when you break.
  • Cargo Storage: With maximum cargo space measuring 56.6 cubic feet.
  • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto: Enable phone users to display certain apps and functionality from their phone on the vehicle‘s infotainment display, allowing them to control those apps and functions via the vehicle‘s infotainment system touchscreen or voice commands.
  • 4G LTE WiFi: Enables drivers to explore new features like a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot capable of pairing up to seven devices.

I loved being able to watch on the huge touch screen how pushing on the petal and brake effected my gas milage and battery life. I also had to think about the outside temperature, the heating or air conditioning I used, and the way I was driving whether it was in town or on the highway.

The negative I found was charging it. But that IS the whole idea of an electric car right? If it was my own car I don’t think it would be an issue because it would be plugged in my garage every night. Since its not my car I relied on chargers around town. The issue wasn’t finding the charging stations, but how long it takes to charge. I never knew! It was still fun charging it though because I watched it climb up up. 🙂

Are you looking for an electric car to to test out? Drive electric with the Chevy Bolt EV!

Chevy Bolt EV


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