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Meet Eden. Eden cold pressed juices are new to Kickstarter today and I know you will want a taste!

A new environmentally friendly company is doing something a little different. They are making fresh, cold-pressed juices from imperfectly shaped fruits and vegetables. Different huh? Why imperfect fruits and vegetables? Because despite how they look, they provide the same exact health benefits as perfectly shaped fruit! Makes perfect sense to me.

Eden Juice

Here is some info and great facts from Eden Juices ~

Superficial Mindset

Photoshop gives us flawless skin, perfect tans, and the ideal physique, but it also erases everything that makes us unique. Now more and more people think these digitally altered images are the norm and are determined to attain these unrealistic standards no matter what the cost.

Food Waste

In the U.S., we throw away close to 40% of the food we grow. In many cases, it’s not because the food has gone bad, but because the produce doesn’t meet our cosmetic standards. We waste food because it doesn’t look good and ignore the most important part—the health benefits.

Access to Clean, Healthy Food

While we throw away our food, over 15 million American kids go hungry every day and don’t have access to nutritious food.1 The worst part is that nutritious food is available; it’s just ending up in landfills instead of in the hands of those who need it.

Overfed and Undernourished

More than 2 in 3 adults are considered overweight or obese,2 and more than one-third of children and adolescents are overweight or obese.3 And fewer than 35% of Americans are eating the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetable.4 So those in the U.S. who aren’t going hungry are overfed and undernourished.

While these problems can’t be solved overnight, Eden hopes to get one step closer with their line of fresh, cold-pressed juices. They’ll help limit the amount of food wasted in the U.S. by using produce that consumers and retailers usually throw away for cosmetic reasons. They’ll also make nutrient-rich food more accessible to those who struggle to get nutritious foods and those who want a simple way to improve their diets.

What a fabulous idea. I am excited for Eden!

Drink Eden

Today the fundraising starts for Eden’s Kickstarter campaign. Go to DrinkEden.com. They are offering funding perks ranging from branded Eden T-shirts to multi-day juice cleanses to monthly and even yearly juice subscriptions!

And for more excitement I’m going to share a fun giveaway!

This giveaway is put together by Eden Juices. Open to US/Can. I partnered with them on this sponsored post to share their new juices.

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