Dreaming of a Prius


I was in a discussion forum the other day where the topic was eco-friendly cars. The moderator asked us questions on what features are attractive, what we think of the look, and if we would consider buying one or not.

I am all for hybrid cars. I don’t like pumping gas or putting my debit card in the machine and watch my money fade away. But the reason many of us can not buy one is because they are not big enough. They will not fit my family of five and all of our stuff!

As I was preparing for this post I went to check out the Prius V special offers and found the size of this car is not shabby. The back has good sized cargo room and you can fold down the back seats for more room. They advertise it will carry 98 paper grocery bags back there and is actually bigger than a hybrid Ford Escape. Not bad!

It has cool features that Hubby would love including gps, bluetooth and other wireless technology that is way above my head. Actually, as I think about it, this car would be perfect for Hubby! He doesn’t need all the space in his car and his car eats gas right now. oh yes, I am off to discuss this with him. Am I dreaming?

Have you checked out the Toyota Prius?

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