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This week I visited Dream Dinners in Wheat Ridge, Colorado which is about a half an hour from my Boulder location and let me tell you it was worth the drive! This week I am on easy street in the kitchen because my meals are ready to go because I assembled them all ahead of time. As a mom who is home all day, it is part of my job description to get dinner on the table. This includes just thinking and finding the recipes, grocery planning and shopping, and then preparing and cooking the meal. It is a lot of work that I am really not very good at it. To make it worse I reallllly don’t like any of it.

I tried Blue Apron for a few months. I liked the whole idea of it and for the first time I can say I enjoyed making dinner. But it does get pricey, it’s not kid-friendly enough, and I only had 4 servings shipped to me for 5 people so it wasn’t perfect.

Dream Dinners

Dream Dinners really is a dream. Each month they have new meals you get to choose from. You order what you’d like for the week or month and go into their store to put it together! Let me share my adventure…

Dream Dinners Wheat Ridge, CO

These are the stations where I prepared my food. They are already set up with every single ingredient you need for your meal. Each area is a different dinner and you travel to the ones you need.

Dream Dinners

I brought P’Diddy with me this time since it was an after school time slot. He looooooved helping me out, but I will admit it will be much easier and faster without a six year old by your side.

The recipes are right in front of you and the measurements are color coded for you to scoop and pour.

Dream Dinners Wheat Ridge, CO

Each ‘section’ of your meal goes into a freezer ziploc bag. It all stays together with a recipe inside. The food is mostly frozen so it stays in your part of the freezer at Dream Dinners until it is time to leave. I carted mine home in a cooler where it went right into my freezer until the day I need it to thaw, cook and eat.

Dream Dinners

What I love is the variety of recipes you can choose from. So many kid-friendly ones! These are part of their Introductory Offer to try them out for a good price. This week I chose:

Build Your Own Quesadillas

Pizza Burger Sliders on Mini Pretzel Rolls

Layered Ravioli Bake

Parmesan Chicken Sliders

Hero Meatball Bake

Mini Turkey Meatloaves with Bacon Ranch Green Beans

Next week I can choose from meals including Chicken Enchiladas, Cattleman’s Pie, Loaded BBQ Pulled Pork Bites and many more!

Dream Dinners Mini Turkey Meatloaf

We’ve eaten three meals thus far and not one child has complained. That might be a record!

Dream Dinners Wheat Ridge, CO

The first thing that P’Diddy said to me when we got into the car to leave was, “Mom that was fun!” He couldn’t wait to get home to eat the dinners he helped prepare.

Tell me, do you need help with dinner planning?

I was given my meals from Dream Dinners in Wheatland, CO to help with my post. All opinions are my definitely my own.

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