Do your carpets get nasty?


We have lost a good amount of money in carpet. It is kind of sad when I think about it. With three kids and a dog we could not keep it clean, and therefore have had to replace carpet in houses we put up for sale and lost deposit money from houses we’ve rented.

Not fun.

Our current house has hardwood floors on the main level. I was jumping for joy when we moved in. We still have carpets upstairs, but I do like the bedrooms to be soft and comfy.

I’ll admit that our dog was most of the problem. He was a long haired golden retriever and he would wear down his favorite spots in the rug, just from laying. The smell I had to keep at bay too.

One tip that works well is Baking Soda. It is a natural, odor neutralizer. Sprinkle on carpet and let it sit for a bit. Vacuum it up. Cheap and easy with no chemicals involved! It also works well when you need to scrub hard services to make whiter. For example, we use it in our kitchen sink and shower floor when they start to look grungy. After a good clean with baking soda, they look almost new!

I think it’s also nice to splurge sometimes and hire a professional cleaner to come in and do the deep cleaning, including shampooing the carpet. Make sure they are a green company that uses only the safest products, like this local rug cleaner in New York.

Do you ever bring someone else in to help out? Any tips to keep the carpets cleaner?


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