DIY Race Car Ideas to Take Outside

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Get Outside is my motto this summer. The boys are actually pretty good at getting outside to play a couple of times a day. Our new yard has been a great motivator for staying out there. A hammock to swing in, a large deck where we put an inflatable pool, a sandbox to dig in and lots of flowers and plants to tend to. P’Diddy loves to bring his inside toys out (which I’ll admit can drive me a little crazy sometimes) and I smile at the creativeness of his projects. Check out our DIY Race Car Ideas with his new Fast & Furious cars, the first ever toy line for this movie.

DIY Race Car Ideas to Take Outside

2 DIY Race Car Ideas to Take Outside

We have so many sticks in our yard. It is the boy’s job to pick them up every week before Hubby mows and they’ve been gathering in a pile at the side of our house. Now they have a use!

All you need for this first project is a pile of sticks – though a bunch of rocks would work too! – and chalk. We found that the longer and skinnier twigs worked best for our track and are easiest to handle to break apart if needed.

DIY Race Car Ideas to Take Outside

Lay them down end to end to make three rows to race two cars down at the same time. Add more rows for more kids and cars. With the chalk draw paint lines, like a street, to give your track a fun look. We didn’t worry too much about the sticks being straight because most race paths do have curves to go around, but you can’t make them too curvy since the cars are rolling down themselves and you don’t want them to get stuck.

DIY Race Car Ideas to Take Outside

Each child chooses a lane and their fastest car at the top. Race down with your Fast & Furious cars inspired by the real characters and see who wins. Just like the movie!

All the neighbor kids could not resist coming over and giving it a try too.

DIY Race Car Ideas to Take Outside

Now for our next idea with a ramp! Boys, slides and cars go together pretty well and the Frozen Missile Attack toy was perfect for getting a little wet on a hot summer day.

P’Diddy filled a bucket with water and set it on the first step off the deck, placing the ramp on top. Push the button at the start and the car spins around the track and whoosh lands in the bucket with a plop.

DIY Race Car Ideas to Take Outside

What he loved even more was taking off the ramp to play with by itself. It is really easy to pull apart and snap back on. This now means the car jumped in the air off the ramp and landed in the bucket of water with a splash!

DIY Race Car Ideas to Take Outside

He kept moving the bucket back further and further to see how far he could make all the cars fly.

He played with this forever and was soaking wet at the end!

DIY Race Car Ideas to Take Outside

Find the whole set of Fast & Furious toys at Walmart in the car aisle of the toy section.  Collect the cars, characters and act out a few scenes from the movie for hours of fun.

Don’t forget to watch the new Fast & Furious movie, F8 available on DVD on July 11th.

Fast & Furious Toys at Walmart

Do you have Fast & Furious fans at your house?

Have you seen the new movie?

 DIY Race Car Ideas to Take Outside

What DIY Race Car Ideas to Take Outside do you have?

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