DisneyWorld ~ Where All of Our Dreams Did Come True

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I have been dreaming about taking my boys to DisneyWorld since before they were born. I have always been a Disney fan, collecting all the VHSs (which I still have!) and soundtracks so I could sing along to all of the songs. I was a lucky little girl and visited there several times in my youth. Can’t believe it has taken us ten years to bring my boys. We finally made it!

I’m not sure who was more excited, the kids or me, as we hopped on board the ferry to take us to The Magic Kingdom. Cinderella’s castle came into view and I had tears in my eyes of excitement. I had a couple of goals I wanted to accomplish that day, but the most important was to make sure we saw Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Mickey and Donald are two of P’Diddy’s favorite words.

We headed to FantasyLand first to ride It’s a Small World. Hubby makes fun of me that I am in love with this ride. It’s childhood memories that make it so special. It was the perfect way to start our day. A nice, gentle boat ride, travelling the worlds. I didn’t know what to expect from P’Diddy, as most new things scare him, but he loved it and chanted ‘more more’ as we were getting off.

He was a big boy that day and rode on Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh. We watched his brothers plummet down Splash Mountain and race along on SpeedWay. C’Man went on his first roller coaster ever ~ Space Mountain ~ in the dark even!

We did get a chance to see Donald up close. P’Diddy loved him from afar, but when it was our turn, panic came through. Do you know what is so cute though? He did give Donald a high five as we were leaving and every day since then he tells us ‘Donald. Five.’ Love it.

I saved us early front row spots for the afternoon parade. We got to see Mickey, Minnie, and all the gang up close. Captain Hook came over and unhooked O’Bear’s hat off. Ariel motioned that she was a fan of C’Man’s Cubs t-shirt. It was magical watching all the characters come to life.

Though our feet were starting to get tired, we wanted to head over to Epcot before the day was over. We rode the Nemo ride and then walked through 11 countries around the World Showcase Lagoon. We ate some of the best fish & chips at Great Britain for dinner, while overlooking the peaceful moonlit water.

The sky was cloudy and just the right temp. The lines for the rides weren’t bad at all. It was absolutely the most perfect day in every way. One that I hope my boys remember for a long time.

 Dreams really do come true at Disney.

Disney sent us a couple of tickets to enjoy the park, but all opinions are 150% my own!


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