Diaper Sprayer from Thanks Mama


oh diaper sprayer where have you been all of these months.

You know when I get asked about cloth diapering, the number one comment I get is ‘but the poop’. Well, I call them wusses. ha! But then I tell them about this fabulous invention called a diaper sprayer.

Or a mini shower as the sprayer I received from Thanks Mama is called.

Diaper Sprayer


It comes with all these parts and your handy dandy husband (or maybe you) gets to hook it up to the toilet. Hubby had to run to the hardware store for some flexible pipe to get it to attach to ours right.

Then you’re good to go and anxious for the next poopy diaper to come so you can test it out. Maybe the only time you’ll be waiting for a diaper like this huh?

No more scrapping because now you’re spraying! 🙂

Grab your diaper sprayer soon!

Starting on August. 17th you can Win the Mini Shower Diaper Sprayer from Thanks Mama!

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