Decorating the Nursery? Here’s how to do it on a Budget


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With a little one on the way, you may feel the urge to make the most of your credit card and splash out on a luxury nursery. Collectible teddy bears, musical mobiles and extravagant name paintings can all seem appealing, but it’s wise to set a budget – and stick to it! Babies are expensive enough without spending a fortune on their sleeping environment, so check out these penny-pinching tips.

Rejuvenate old furniture

One of the best ways to save money is to shop around for second hand nursery furniture or items that can be easily rejuvenated. An old armchair, for instance, might not look like much in a charity shop, but with a new seat cover and a lick of varnish it could become the perfect place to feed and rock your baby. Similarly, a cheap chest of draws might not seem particularly special, but attach a changing mat to the top and you’ve got a multi-functional storage unit.

Buy things that will last

Why buy a static cot when you can get one that transforms into a toddler bed? Sure, you might have to pay a little more to start with, but a sturdy, long-lasting purchase should save you money down the line. If you’re not ready to buy a cot bed just yet, opt for a standalone crib that can be lowered over time as this will stop your baby from climbing out when they get older.

Make the most of accessories

If your nursery is in a good state of repair, there’s no need to redecorate. Of course, blue or pink walls are endearing, but you could end up spending a fortune if you’re not careful. Instead, leave the room as it is and rely on a few new accessories to bring it back to life. It’s amazing what a fresh pair of curtains or a bright rug can do, not to mention vibrant cushions, wall hangings and a few well-placed cuddly toys! If you’ve got the nesting bug and want to do something to the walls, transfers and stickers are ideal as they’re easy to reply – and simply to remove.

Keep your borrowing costs down

These days, it’s easier than ever to make nursery purchases over the phone or online. If you pay electronically, however, always use low rate credit cards to keep your borrowing costs down and clear all your bills in good time! This will save you from racking up high charges and will help you buy things in an affordable way. What’s more, if you’re buying anything via the internet look for the padlock symbol in the browser window as this ensures your bank details are as safe as can be.

Decorating the nursery should be fun, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth.


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