Crunchy Mama Series: Meet Katherine

I would not say that I am a total crunchy but I’m slowly getting there every day. I was raised with this mentality in mind. I would consider my mom to be on the crunchier side although I never realized it as a child.  She was super healthy, for example, I used to think that yogurt and wheat germ was a dessert. I would sneak into the refrigerator and sneak a spoon full of wheat germ thinking I was being bad.  Also, when all my friends were able to buy the little individual containers of milk at school for lunch my mom refused to give me the .$25, saying all those little containers take up too much space in landfills and were a waste.  While all the other children’s moms were allowing them to eat ice cream for dessert and fill our landfills with little milk containers my mom was teaching me the importance of environmental stewardship. To this day I try to remember these 2 little things and live a life my mom would be proud of.

For these reasons, as a mom, I decided that I was going to!

 Give birth naturally with out drugs or medications.

Breast feed exclusively for at least the first 6 months before starting solid foods then continuing as long as my little wanted too.  He weaned himself at 16 months, which made me kind of sad because I would have liked to have gone longer.

 From the time little man  started solids I made all of his food from organic as much as possible. It’s actually made my husband and I eat healthier and has really helped our family eat consciously. Not only are organics better for our bodies they are better for our planet!

As far as vaxing goes, we DO vax, but he is on a VERY limited spread out schedule. There is a part of me that just can’t seem to let him go totally unvaccinated.

I decided to cloth diaper little man before he was even born and have found it to be so easy and actually enjoyable (aka addicting) To help my addiction, I have taken it one step further and now I am a cloth diaper consultant for Everything Birth. My goal at Lowcountry Diaper Parties is to spread the LOVE of cloth diapers to all parents. I truly enjoy being able to help other families with their decision to lessen their baby’s footprint on this planet. Oh! As well as limit their baby to harmful chemicals that can be found in disposables!

 I clean our floors with only vinegar and water and use only earth friendly products for cleaning/washing other areas of the house. Rockin Green for laundry and Charlie’s Soap for dishes and such.

This Spring, my husband and I plan on getting our own chickens for eggs.  I am also learning more about babywearing and plan on wearing #2 arriving in April which I am totally stoked about! I know I still have a really long way to go to become totally crunchy but I am a work in progress. Living a life as frugally as possible with our health and planet in mind is good for now.

Thank you Katherine! Gosh I love her mom. And can’t wait to steal some of those eggs 🙂

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