Crunchmaster Multi Grain Crackers


Multi grain crackers has become one of our favorite snacks.

Crunchmaster Multi Grain Crackers

I’m always looking for new snacks. I feel like I am always buying the same things over and over. Even I get tired of looking at them, so I know why the boys start to roll their eyes when I suggest what to eat.

Crunchmaster crackers is a healthy snack!

  • Gluten-Free
  • 21g or more per serving of whole grains
  • Great source of fiber
  • Oven baked
They come in three different flavors which is nice because if you are like my family, then everyone likes something different!

Crunchmaster Multi Grain Crackers

Crunchmaster Multi Grain Crackers


I like flavor. Spice. The Roasted Vegetable was my favorite. They have a bite to them! I eat them straight out of the bag.
 Seasoned with roasted red & green pepper, onions, garlic and tomatoes


The rest of my family is into cheese crackers. These are definitely cheesy! Maybe a bit much for my taste, but the rest of them snarf them up!
White Cheddar made with real, aged cheddar cheese.


For the plain janes out there the Sea Salt is a cracker that tastes fine by itself, but even better when a slice of cheese goes with it.
A light topping of sea salt.


Any of them would be fantastic with a dip! Yum!


Another nice feature is the ziploc-type opening. Keeps the crackers fresh much longer!


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Good Luck! 
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