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oh how I love my coffee. Not just the rich flavor that wakes me up, but the anticipation of what I’m going to create today. You see, I have a coffee bar in my kitchen where I keep all the items I need handy. It is not just about coffee grounds and a brewer for me, but accessories and ingredients I use to make that perfect first cup. Let me share with you my Pure Coffee Bar.

Create a Pure Coffee Bar

What you need to Create a Pure Coffee Bar

A coffee maker. Duh! ha ha ha. I actually have two. Yes I’m a bit addicted.

Organic coffee. Just this year I switched to organic only, so no synthetic fertilizers or chemicals used in the growing or production of it.

Reusable items. coffee cup, travel mug, sweater cuff to keep your drink hot, filters – did you know there are reusable coffee filters? Or buy one for your one cup Keurig too.

Sweeteners. Raw honey, organic cane sugar or stevia is what I use.

Pure Coffee Bar with Cow Creamer

Flavors. I always add cinnamon now, it’s my current thing. See my secret and the benefits of cinnamon. Other yummy flavors I might use is peppermint oil, orange extract, ginger, pumpkin pie spice, dark chocolate syrup or unsweetened cacao powder. I like playing with combos when I make iced coffee – add coffee and flavors to a blender with a handful of ice.

Extras. A frother is awesome and fun! A stirrer – I use a bamboo chopstick (ha!) or cinnamon stick. Cute containers – the Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart has a cow creamer, cute bowls and sugar jars. I can’t pass them up when I walk down that aisle.

Creamers. Out of the fridge I grab my almond milk and/or International Delight Simply Pure.

Pure Coffee Bar ID Creamer

You see, I am very picky when it comes to my creamer. I will only buy one that contains Pure ingredients and this one is made with 5 simple ingredients including milk, real cane sugar and cream. I love all the flavors it comes in and switch up what I buy each time – vanilla, caramel and hazelnut.

You can find International Delight Simply Pure in the dairy section at Walmart next to the milk.

ID Creamer at Walmart

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What is your favorite ingredient to add to your coffee?

Do you have a pure coffee bar? No junk allowed.

Create a Pure Coffee Bar

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