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The worst feeling in the world is when you want to help your children, but you aren’t quite sure how. Or you try everything and nothing works. P’Diddy has an awful chest congestion that is not going away. It is something I’ve never seen before. He has random coughing fits, especially when he is sleeping or outside running around.  People are saying asthma, but I’m not going to go there yet. I’m thinking chest-cold that won’t go away.

I was beyond grateful when Crane wanted to partner with me for a cool mist humidifier. And the All Aboard Train no less! You remember his Dinosaur Train room? This wasn’t just a humidifier, but part of the decor! I’ll show you in a minute, but this was the picture I took five minutes after it arrived at my door in my living room where I first set it up. I showed it off on Instagram because I thought it was SO cool! Yes cooool mist. hee hee.

Crane Train Humidifier

Yes the smoke stack is where the mist comes out ~ and it has a light on front! VERY FUN!

Having a cool mist humidifer is one way we are trying to beat this congestion…naturally. It helps with colds, coughs, dry skin, and even those pesty nose bleeds that seem to stick around for the Winter for some people.

I fill it up once each night and it works through the night and for nap the next day. I’ve even had it running in our family room while he plays. Need to keep moisture in the air! I don’t have to worry about it using up my electric bill because it uses less energy than a standard household light bulb.

Did I say how quiet it was? Won’t disturb P’Diddy’s sleep!

Can’t say enough good things about the Crane Cool Mist Humidifier. Check them ALL out because they are CUTE! Or maybe I should say Adorable because that is really what they called. 🙂

Found on Amazon too!

Crane Train Humidifier

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