Crafts with the Kids


We like crafts around here, especially my 7yr old. Actually, I think it is the mess that crafts bring that he likes. If I would let him, he would have a pile of ‘in progress’ projects strewn all over of the house. It used to take over my kitchen table until I set up a card table and labeled it Craft Table, and stuck it in a corner. The mess stays contained! For the most part.

What makes crafts so great IS the mess right? Paper, crayons, glue, stickers, paint, glitter, beads, are all needed because the more ‘tools’ the better. I don’t mind because it allows him to get creative and more importantly it keeps him away from the tv and video games. He also likes to pick out his own craft supplies, as that is half the fun.

He knows that when we can buy something easy online, we do! That is why we were happy to be introduced to Factory Direct Craft and their amazing selection of craft supplies for kids. The website is super easy to navigate and love the Quick View feature so I don’t have to click into every page to get a closer look. You can find any supply imaginable and believe me O’Bear will spend a long time browsing and deciding on his next craft idea!

Do you have any craft projects you’ve completed lately that O’Bear would enjoy?

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