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I have never heard of a cooperative game before. Actually, I received this review product knowing I was getting a cute, eco-friendly, game, but until I read the directions on how to play it hit me. Cooperative. Together. No winners or losers. Loved it already!

We set up Peaceable Kingdom’s game The Great Cheese Chase. It looks a lot like Chutes and Ladders, but really it’s not the same. The object was to work together to help the three mice get to the top before the cat did.

The boys took turns with the spinner in order to move the mice. As they collected Catnip along the way, they had to make decisions together on when to use the catnip.

Cooperative Game

 Cooperative Game The Great Cheese Chase Peaceable Kingdom

The game took about 10 minutes. P’Diddy got bored of spinning after a couple of turns so the big boys took over. I was just waiting for the fights to break out. These two love to have differing opinions and be Uncooperative.

I walked out of the room to get a few things done and at the same time was stretching my ear to listen. “Should we use this now?” “It’s your turn. Try to get a 2”. Then I heard shouts of happiness when they beat that cat to the top. They came running to tell me and I had the biggest grin on my face. Not because the mice won, but because they worked together to have fun!

 Cooperative Game

The Great Cheese Chase is 100% Green. Made with soy-based inks on FSC paper and include game parts made with corn-based plastic and FSC wood.  These games are good for the planet and great for your family! Love it!


Peaceable Kingdom actually makes a whole section of Green Cooperative Board Games at and Amazon – be sure to check them all out!

Win a Peaceable Kingdom Cooperative Game that is 100% Green!

choose from The Great Cheese Chase, Hoot Owl Hoot, Count Your Chickens, Stone Soup, Lost Puppies, Mermaid Island, Race to the Treasure, or Seeds for the Birds.

Good Luck!

I received this products for review and all opinions are my own. Links may be affiliate.

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