Come be #Fit4Fall with me & you may Win!

Wait til you hear what I am doing right now. You might think I’m a little crazy because I do.

My favorite shoe store Planet Shoes contacted me on doing a challenge with them. I could create any fitness challenge I wanted, but I had to complete it within six weeks.

I wanted my challenge to be HARD. I wanted it to get me in SHAPE. I wanted something to make my family PROUD.

I chose to train for a 5K.

Now some of you are probably thinking that is easy. You’re runners. I can’t remember when the last time I ran over a mile. Maybe never. I really do not like to run, but I want to like to run. So here I am.

I’m over half way done with my couch to 5K app that is training me on my phone. Today I ran for 20 minutes straight! I did not want to get out of bed because I was so afraid to put on my shoes and step out the door.


My new favorite shoes that is.

The Merrell Bare Access Arc 2. Wow these shoes. I’ve never had anything like them. I’ve never felt anything like them! I didn’t know shoes could be so light. They weigh 5.3 oz.

I love love love love them! That this is my color too.

They are called Barefoot because they transition you to run without shoes (of course you wouldn’t do that down your street) which is supposed to be the thing to do…it’s natural. Hubby wants me to wear them without socks because they have a special lining for that. I haven’t tried that out yet. Maybe after the 5K is complete! Only one new thing at a time. 🙂


The Planet Shoe’s #Fit4Fall campaign is going on now til October 20th. Plenty of time for you to create a challenge for yourself and complete it!

Everyone who finishes their challenge will be entered to win $500 to Planet Shoes! That is so awesome! And definitely an incentive to Get Fit for Fall!

Come join me online and sign up ~ I am a Sole Sister you will see on top ~ follow along with me. I’ll also be tweeting with hashtag #Fit4Fall so come encourage me!

Are you signing up? Let me know so I watch for your updates! 🙂

I wrote this post because I am excited for this challenge, though Planet Shoes did send me the awesome shoes free of charge.


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