C’Man in his new EyeBobs


You won’t believe it. C’Man just had a birthday and is no longer a teenager. I now have a 20 year old! Just think…he was in the single digits when I started this blog. I know you guys are as shocked as I am.

He may now be an ‘adult’, but he still breaks things. ha! He came home the other day and said his sunglasses are broken. Sigh. Since he has worn glasses for many years he is used to picking out new frames. This time I told him to check out eyebobs.com first. He narrowed down his list and together we went through the site for a new pair. I was impressed! I didn’t know frames could actually be fun to shop for!

I of course found these in a sea glass beachy blue color. They are called Merry Prankster.

Do they look like me or what?

I think these are great too…Off the Record they are called. Eyebobs has the best name for their frames.

C’Man finally decided on Old Sport, which actually comes in five different colors so don’t let the (boring) black that he chose fool you. Him being happy is all that counts, right? Let me tell you that they are polarized too, which is important to us.

And you don’t have to get them as sunglasses, but are available as readers, progressive readers, prescription reading glasses, blue light blocking computer glasses, or non-prescription lenses. ALL of their frames have these choices!

Check out eyebobs.com when shopping for your next pair of glasses. I think you will really like it!

Tons to chose from – Virtual try on – Free 2-day shipping – Free case of choice – 90 day risk free returns

Happy Birthday C’Man!

Thanks eyebobs for sending us a pair of sunglasses in exchange for this post. All opinions are our own.

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