Cloth Diaper Stash Photos!

Are you ready to see everyone’s fluff? I’ve collected cloth diaper stash photos!

Jenelle from TNT:TrashN2Tees ~ isn’t she a great photographer? bumGenius should pay her for this! How do you keep your velcro so nice like that?

My bbf Julie with A Year with Mom and Dad ~ she is WAY to organized with those labels!

Abigal ~ Is this not the cutest picture?!!

Mia ~ soon to diapering to 2! What a great stash!

Nicole ~ another great photo shot to love! I never even thought to stick them in a drawer! Love it!

Katie ~ newborn stash of sbish diapers ~ awesome!


Her sbish wool…we are jealous!

T Rex Mom & Bebe Sister from T Rex Mom Tales ~ love baby models! I bet she was un-doing your nice piles. I know how that goes!

My pal Anna-Leigh uses cd/dvd/photo containers ~ brilliant! ~ look at all that pink/purple. sigh.

Lindsey with So Easy Being Green’s wool/fitted stash ~ Visit her this week for her Out Like a Lamb Event ~ we love more cd giveaways right?

Heather from Modern Cloth and her cutey! Visit her Facebook page Notes ~ she’ll tell you what’s IN her stash and you can share what’s in yours!

Samantha ~ organizes by drawer with changing pad on top! Great idea!!

Suzanne ~ taken today in Ixtapa Mexico while on vacation and still using fluff.

Is this the best picture or what?!

My stash! Has no organization whatsoever! I don’t think I’ve EVER had all the diapers folded up nice like all at once. Do you like my labels? I wanted to LOOK organized like Julie 🙂

Do you take cloth diaper stash photos?

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