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I loved writing this post! Even, a greenie mama like myself learned a few awesome facts…

Do you think about the type of packaging your food comes in? I DO, but most of the time I don’t CARE because I know that I can throw it into the recycling container. My city takes everything, including plastics up to #7.

But there are other concerns I never even thought of.


~Cartons block UV light preserving the nutritional value of foods like milk.

~Cartons reduce food and packaging waste with a great product-to-package ratio, an average of 94% product to only 6% package.

~Cartons make transportation efficient because cartons take up less space in shipping to the processor and to grocery stores.

~Pulp and paperboard is manufactured into cartons using 50% or more biomass fuel, a renewable energy source.

~Paperboard cartons contain over 70% paper, which comes from a renewable resource, trees from responsibly managed forests.




I went into my fridge and only found four products that were cartons…now I do need to go to the store, but I was disappointed to see just how many clear plastic containers were in there…drinks and condiments mostly.

I did notice the other day that our recycling container is a lighter these days with without the big plastic milk jugs. Makes me feel better to hear my carton almond milk is better in more than one way!

Also, another thing that Hubby taught me long ago was about the UV light removing nutrients in food. It is hard to get past that with  my favorite premium orange juices. I did find an ‘equal’ orange juice from Trader Joes that comes in a carton. I’m happy to say that now that I KNOW how beneficial cartons are, I will be buying that one a lot more!


Please visit and find out more interesting and fun facts. Play the Carton Checkout Game to see how the products you buy match up. Or show off your Upcycled Craft Projects you make with the kids.

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Did I make you think about what you buy?


I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Evergreen and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.



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