Children’s Museum of Denver


Scratched one off the Colorado Bucket List last night. The Children’s Museum of Denver is now on our Must Go To Again List because it was SO neat! It was the ReGrand Opening of new exhibits and since we had never been there before it was all new to us anyway and let me tell you how impressed we were!

Of course the five year old would love it, but the 11 and 13 year olds? We were all a bit nervous what they would think and I’m here to tell you it was a success for the whole family. There is something for everyone!

Not just is there so much to do, but the exhibits are FuN, Engaging, Hands On, and I’m going to say Beautiful. Yes, it was beautiful and my pictures won’t do it justice.

Children’s Museum of Denver

Children's Museum of Denver

The new Water Room is sleek, modern and I promise you’ll get wet. ha!

P’Diddy’s favorite was the Fire Station because got to dress like one, drive the truck and slide down the pole.

Childen's Museum of Denver

O’Bear couldn’t wait to climb Altitude – a 3-story indoor mountain with 360 degree views.

C’Man loved the Kinetics room and I had to drag him away. He could have made those balls go every which way!

Children's Museum of Denver

My favorite was watching them inside the Bubble Box!

SO much to do here! I’ve just touched on a few of the exhibits. The new ones include a Teaching Kitchen, Art Studio, Box Canyon, Energy, Water and Altitude. Plus I think an expanded outdoor space, but since it was night and cold and rainy we did not see it. Must go back!

Children's Museum of Denver

Bring the whole family, regardless of age, to the Children’s Museum of Denver. They will all love it!

Check out prices and times to visit.

Children’s Museum of Denver let us explore in exchange for this post. All opinions are definitely my own.

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