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My hubby loves techy stuff.  He first bought me a bluetooth device for my car so that I could listen to my music on my phone. It is a bit complicated to figure out, but that is why I have a ten year old. He does it for me. The kids and I were enjoying it until one day it went missing. We found it in Hubby’s car and it has never been returned. His excuse? I don’t understand it anyway. Well, he’s half right.

Then he bought me a speaker-thing for my iphone. It was some sort of docking station where my phone plugged into it and I could play my music off of it through and hear it through the room. It was nice, until it also went missing one day. Hubby stole it to take to work.

Are you getting the picture here? He buys for ME, but it’s really for HIM? 🙂

This time I’ve got my OWN speaker…and it’s cool, but more importantly it is EASY that anyone can figure out how to use it.

It’s very simple. One Box. No cords that have to plugged in. No batteries to buy. It is bluetooth capable and has a rechargeable battery. Let me tell you more…

Bluetooth means wireless right? I set my new speaker on the counter in my kitchen. I pushed a button to allow it to sync to my phone, which you only have to do the first time you use it. I opened my phone, turned on my music, went to sit down in my living room and I could hear my songs playing. I went upstairs, changed the song on my phone, it played through the speaker – anywhere I went!

The music will continue to play up to 7 hours! When it dies, I can plug it in to recharge.

I can also plug my cell phone into the USB port found the speaker and charge up my phone – whether the speaker is plugged into the wall or not!

Hubby can come home and use the speaker with his phone (if I decide I want to share). We can hook up our Kindle and our portable MG. We can listen to movies, games, apps, or whatever we want to hear from any device with bluetooth capabilities.

It comes in fun colors besides basic black…this is the new Chromatics Collection.

 What do you think? Sound neat?

Hubby will not be stealing this one from me. He can get his own!

Check out the Soundfreaq Sound Kick Speaker for anyone on your Holiday List for $99.99


I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Soundfreaq and received a product sample to facilitate my review.

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