Let’s Be Passionate & Supportive this Earth Day


This post, Let’s Be Passionate & Supportive this Earth Day, is a sponsored partnership.

My family celebrated Earth Day a little early this week by visiting and supporting The Wild Animal Sanctuary here in the Denver area. Almost ten thousand acres of natural habitat filled with wild animals from tigers, lions and bears to porcupines, horses and camels, that have been rescued and now can be rehabilitated and live out their lives in peace. Some of the stories where these animals come from brings tears to your eyes.

As we walked the three miles to visit all the animals I was able to have a conversation with my boys about how we take care of God’s creatures – people, animals, and nature. There are reasons I have become passionate about taking care of the Earth and this day trip helped them see that.

I also think a lot about the products I buy and am determined to support the ‘earth friendly’ companies that I can see really care. I get to chat about two of them today and feel lucky I come from their local communities and can see them in action.

I was first introduced to La Sportiva last fall from my oldest son who is a rock climber. He can’t wait to grow out of his current shoes so he can grab a pair of La Sportiva eco-climbing shoes that are made with 95% recycled materials. When I was contacted to review their Hail Jacket I could not help but say yes! A PVC-free chemical-free waterproof shell jacket that is super lightweight and folds up perfectly to bring along anywhere, especially a hike!

La Sportiva proudly makes technical footwear, apparel, and ski hard goods for mountain-based sports. They are constantly innovating and refining their product line to reduce environmental impacts and to provide better products for their customers using earthy friendly and/or organic materials. While their retail and warehouse store is here in Boulder, they are based in a small mountain town in Italy where the beauty of Earth is always in their sight and minds as they handcraft their newest technological and earthy creations.

noosa yoghurt may be a food you already know, but I bet you don’t know that it is made in small batches on a farm here in Colorado. My family has been fans for awhile. Maybe it’s the taste we love most – all natural whole milk from happy cows, fresh fruit purees grown from nature, and the touch of wildflower honey with no GMOs to be found. I have heard random conversations in grocery stores from strangers talking about their love and addiction to this yoghurt.

Maybe it is because I know noosa is passionate about the Earth. They work to save the bees, they reclaim 100% of the water they use back into irrigating crops, and they repurpose their cardboard into animal bedding used all over the country. To follow along with their efforts be sure to join the Cream of the Crop Fan Club to stay update to date and even win prizes for sharing!

What are you passionate about this Earth Day?

The animals? Sustainable clothing? The food we eat?

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This is a partnered post with noosa and La Sportiva. All opinions my own. 

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