Caribbean Destinations

BeachDid I ever tell you where I went on my honeymoon? It was the only time that I’ve been to the Caribbean and boy were we excited for a new adventure! We flew into the city of Nassau in the Bahamas and drove a bit until we arrived in Paradise Island, to the great and fabulous resort Atlantis. Have you seen pictures? Or maybe watched a clip on a travel station? It is just as beautiful as it looks!

I’ve never seen water so blue or beaches so white. What did we want to do first? We had a whole week to enjoy and relax. When I wasn’t laying by the pool or swimming in the ocean, I was sliding down water tubes with sharks surrounding me. Not kidding! I went scuba diving for the first and last time of my life. ha! And walked the streets of Nassau while women wove braids in my hair.

Wow, I want to go back right now as the memories are flying out of me. Next time, I’d love to explore more of the Caribbean. Flights to Barbados are common and then work your way up the islands…on a yacht. How does that sound? Yes I’m dreaming, but I’m allowed to. This is my blog post. 🙂

Have you ever been to the Caribbean?


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