LIVE Captain McFinn Swim & Play App

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Captain McFinn. I received a complimentary subscription to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

I promise this is an app like you’ve never seen before! Warning: Your children may come quite addicted. ha ha.

Captain McFinn Swim & Play is the first ever iPad app that allows the users to communicate and interact with a live host as they play. It is based on the popular Captain McFinn storybook character who lives in the undersea world of Sand Dusty Reef with his friends and aimed at children aged 3-5. Let me tell you a bit about it!

Swim & Play App

Everyday your child can log in for a new adventure. They choose which fish they’d like to be and you help them type their Nickname. As they move the fish along with their finger, they can see and hear different activities that are going on…like the whale shooting water up its blow-hole, playing ball with a turtle, etc.

The really COOL part is that within seconds of your fish swimming along in this cartoon world you’ll see a submarine pop up to start following their fish. Inside this submarine you’ll see a real face. They might even say Hello P’Diddy welcome!

What, the app talks? Yes! From 7am-7pm PST everyday!

Captain McFinn Swim & Play App

Yes, a real person is there watching and playing with all of the fish and commenting along. You’ll hear them talk to everyone by their Nickname. One day we played and it was a character’s birthday so all at once everyone playing swam into a special tunnel where the scene changed and they make a car with shapes for this character because he wanted a car on his special day. When P’Diddy was done, he Shared his pic and the Host told him she loved it and shared it on the screen for all to see.

Another day, our scene changed and we watched a short clip on bullying fish. Every moment is different! You’ll never have the same experience twice.

I said VERY cool, right?

An app that teaches life lessons like kindess and sharing in a fun and interactive way in a secure setting with their friends. P’Diddy LOVES hearing his name being called out and he gets to earn badges, like for helping when he rebuilt a sandcastle. Lots of praise occurs and of course only upbeat, postivie attitudes by the hosts.

This is an app we will definitely be playing over and over again!


The Captain McFinn Swim & Play app is available using a subscription model. The freemium subscription model offers 10 minutes of free play at the start of the game, with subscription tiers of 1-month, 3-month and 6-month periods. The pricing is $4.59, $3.59 and $2.59 per month.

Grab it at iTunes for your iPad!

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The app complies with all COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) safety standards, so although parents/children can see the host, the host cannot see them. Through proprietary technology, the host reacts to prompts, responses and creations by the child and texts from the parent (through a secure chat box) to make the interactive experience truly customized.

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