Brylane Home’s Zero Gravity Chair


I love listening to little boys and their daddies having in-depth conversations. At our house I mostly hear about the latest sporting event going on or what is the best way to get past the next level of their video game. P’Diddy and daddy have a special bond in the evening hours before bed when it is time to play puppies. Oh, you should just hear the giggles coming from his room!

This week I look out my back window in my kitchen I spy one of these special moments happening.

Zero Gravity Chair

I surprised Hubby this week with a Zero Gravity Chair from Brylane Home. He has been wanting a leather zero gravity chair for his chiropractic office for years. Whenever he sees one in a store he drags me over and sits in and doesn’t want to get up again! When I spied this chair, I knew I would get it for him! And in the burnt red color for the red-head of course. 😉

What is so great about zero gravity? It evenly distributes your body weight to reduce back pressure and provide superior lumbar support as you sit. Recline back and relax outdoors to enjoy these beautiful summer days. If you close your eyes you might even get a snooze in as this chair comes with a pillow and an adjustable canopy to shade your eyes. What more could you ask for in a chair?!

Zero Gravity Chair

When the weather isn’t so great, it folds up for easy storage (though the waterproof vinyl and rust resistant steel frame make it okay to leave out). This also makes it easy to take with you to places like the beach! What I wouldn’t do to take a nap listening to the ocean waves. My favorite sound! I’ll have to try that out soon.

Visit and pick out a Zero Gravity Chair ~ it comes in six colors!

Wouldn’t it be fun to watch the fireworks in for 4th of July?

Brylane Home Zero Gravity Chair

WIN IT! (on sale for $79.99)


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