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Brylane Home Grilling Gazebo Giveaway

Our back yard lacks shade. You would think a southern home would have a nice screened in porch or a deck, but we don’t. We do have a patio though where a grill once sat. We haven’t replaced the grill yet, but I did get a little help in the shade department from Brylane Home.

Introducing their Grilling Gazebo, that was made to house your grill, but it was a fabulous addition to our Smoothie and S’mores party the other night.

Brylane Home Grilling Gazebo

It covered my table perfectly and I could have brought the firepit inside too since the vented fire-retardant ceiling tent allows smoke to easily escape. It has two glass shelves and a handy basket and 5 hooks for grilling tools (or laterns!).

Brylane Home Grilling Gazebo1

A neat feature is that it is also rust-resistant. I think that is a must for any outdoor furniture, don’t you? That is not always the case though.

The frame is steel and tough! I chuckle thinking back how Hubby told me he’d have it up in 20 minutes. An hour and twenty minutes later it was up – a little longer than expected, but he will admit that once it was up he was very happy with the construction of it.


Good thing he had a 12-year old helper!

We are going to keep the gazebo up. It’s not really the kind you can take up and down, though I know Brylane Home has other awesome pop-up gazebos that will. This cover IS easy to move though with two people…not too heavy to lift and change about in your yard.


Everyone had fun the other night and commented on the great grilling gazebo. The shelves are definitely an added touch that makes it even more functional – not just for your grilling accessories like intended, but a place to set your drinks. ha!


Check out Brylane Home for all your summer needs.

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Brylane Home

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  • Yes we do grill out quite often. I know sometimes my hubby does get very hot standing in the sun grilling. This would be great to give him!
  • I grill out sometimes, but I would love to use this for shade also. I think it would be great for relaxing outside in the summer.
  • We do grill out a lot so this would be perfect for us, thanks for this awesome giveaway
  • We grill just about every weekend in the summer, and about once a month in the colder months. This would be great to have, especially if it starts raining! There's nothing worse than grilling in the rain!
  • I don't grill much, but this would be great to shade me and my laptop when I'm outside letting my fur baby play!
  • I would use it as a planting station-have my seedling on one side and my pots, and tools on the other, put a lounge chair in the middle and I can sit outside and watch my garden
  • We grill a lot in the summer time, and it would be so nice to have a Grilling Gazebo to keep the sun off of us. This sure is a really nice one. Thanks for the giveaway!
  • My grill is under a covered porch and gets used ALL YEAR. I would be using the gazebo on the back patio that isn't covered to help keep the hot Florida sun off the kids when they are playing in their sand table and kidding pools.
  • We grill out most of the time during the spring and summer...especially on the weekends! I could think of a few things I could use the Gazebo's very versatile!
  • I would probably give this to my brother's family to put over their grill on their back deck!
  • We grill out almost every night during the summer months. I know this gazebo would come in handy.
  • This would be awesome for our family, we are always outside and grilling. It's apart of a weekly thing. We entertain a lot with family and friends. This would make a great addition to our grill and some of my flowers I could put on it.
  • We grill out every night, rain or shine so this would come in handy. Now he is using the garage for cover when it rains. I don't know how safe that is!!!
  • I would grill out more if I had great shading like this! WE love to cook steaks, etc. on the grill!
  • Yes we love to grill , and it would be awesome to have a Gazebo to picnic under during awesome weather!
  • We grill every weekend. Love, love, love grilling! This would be so great to block out the sun in our 100 degree+ days. Thanks so much for the chance! :)
  • Yes of course we grill out alot, even sometimes in the winter. We also love grilling and bon-fires while camping as well. What a nice giveaway !!
  • We do grill a good bit on our big green egg but I think I would use this for something else like you did.
  • My husband does the grilling in our family and I wish he was available to do it more. I love the gazebo--thanks for the giveaway!
  • We love to grill but I actually think this would be awesome for my dad. He grills so much during the summer and this would be perfect for him. Thanks for the chance!
  • I grill more than I cook inside. It's my favorite way to prepare dinner. We'd use this for all kinds of things, but it would sure one in handy on the rainy and snowy grilling' days!
  • We love to grill in the warmer months, so this would be great for us to use as a Grilling Gazebo.
  • We grill a LOT during the summer months, and this would be a very nice addition to our patio. Thank you for such a great giveaway!
  • My family grills a lot during the summer, but could use the gazebo for eating under it as well can use it for a whole bunch of stuff (:
  • We do grill a fair bit int he summer. & I could totally see my son playing under this when it's not being used for grilling!
  • I love to grill out! Even in the Winter if we can reach the grill with the snow on the ground we grill :)
  • Now that it isn't snowing, we will be! Hubby loves to cook meat and I like the smell outside!
  • We grill all year round and this would be a great addition especially in the summer. Thanks for the great giveaway.
  • We grill out more than some, less than others, but we'd enjoy it a lot more with a grilling gazebo. Thanks for the chance.
  • Love this...would probably use it for something other than the grill like you did! :) Thanks for the chance to win!
  • Yes, we do grill out a lot. We live in Florida and the weather is just beautufl right now. We grill all 4 seasons here.
  • I love to grill year around............turkey on the grill during the holidays is awesome. Summer time lots of great meats and veggies to grill.
  • we grill at least 4 times a week even during the winter this would be amazing to have thank you for the chance
  • My sister just got this a few weeks ago and she loves it now i want one to use for shade since my patio is small and i can't fit a full size canopy on it.
  • I would love to have this for grilling and camping and birthday parties. Gosh I could think of a ton more.
  • I grill a lot this is perfect as when it rains I currently use and EzUp or just bbq in he rain. The EzUp doesn't work as well as this appears it would.
  • We are avid grillers, and cannot go a summer without having grilled hamburgers and hot dogs a couple times a year. lately, we've been going to my parent's house, and this would come in handy
  • i grill a lot, everything taste better to me when it's grilled. this would be a nice addition in the summer when it's so hot.
  • We'd probably use it for something else...not sure what. Then again if dh gets his hands on it, he'll probably use it for grilling! LOL
  • Yes, we grill out a lot in the warm seasons, sometimes all the way into late November. In the summer months, the sun just beats down on the cook at the grill. It can be miserable. The Brylane Grilling Gazebo would be such a relief and a pleasure.
  • This would be great for a dinner outside in the shade or for the kids to have a good shady spot to play outside this summer!
  • We are looking forward to grilling veggies and making pizzas on the grill this summer! If lucky enough to win, I would probably use it for more than the grill! This would be a great place to put my girls' picnic table under for snacks and lunch, in between playing in the pool and sprinkler! :)
  • During the warm weather months, we have a lot of Family cookouts. We have lots of extended Family and we love to get together and do some serious grilling. We get some mean Badminton going on too :)
  • I would love to win this for my husband. He loves to grill in any kind of weather and this would definitely help make it a little more enjoyable.
  • Summer time is grilling time!! We love to have friends and family over. We will use it for those who love the shade to sit under. Extra seating is a big plus when you have guests over. Let the summer begin! :)
  • I just discovered that it is so much eisier to grill than cook inside when its hot. so i just started grilling alot
  • I do grill a lot in the summer, and I would also use cover so I can sit in the shade and read a great book. I sun burn easily so I have to be careful.
  • I grill out at least two times each week. I love to grill pizza and veggie kabobs! I would love this gazebo!
  • We love to grill, nothing like a fun bbq on the weekends to get away from the kitchen and relax.....especially when my husband takes over the grill.
  • I grill out at least 4 times a week in the Summer! Love this set up. It doesn't get any better than that!!
  • We love to grill almost all year. This would also be great for when my sister get's married in our backyard this summer. We could use it to put all the food under.
  • We try to grill out at least 2 to 4 days a week. Food just tastes so much better on the grill!
  • Well, I would grill a lot more often if we had a nice spot for everything. Right now, it's grill right outside the Garage.. which is really gross and hot. *sigh* maybe someday.. we may have a deck.
  • We grill a few times a week and almost daily in the summers. This will be an awesome addition to the backyard and help reduce the number of trips back to the house because we will have space for everything! Thanks for the giveaway :)
  • Now that I've actually hopped over to your post I can share that I think this gazebo is the exact one I looked at last month. =)
  • Absolutely, and my husband and I were just discussing what we should do about a gazebo because we also entertain my daughters friends a few times a week not that it is summer almost summer. It gets hot feeding about 6 kids on average at the grill, I never knew girls can eat that much. I get so burned standing out there and also watching them in the pool. Certain medications im on say I shouldn't be out in the sun that long but what can you do, safety comes first and I like my daughter here for the most part and her 13 year old friends, I know they are safer in my yard instead of wandering around at a mall or something. Most parents appreciate it because their kids would probably get into trouble while they are working. I would love this, thanks for an opportunity to win sibabe64 at ptd dot net
  • I grill out alot would be so nice to have in my back yard thank you for the chance to win one.
  • we grill all year long. I love the shelves on the side. I'd add a couple bar stools so I could sit the visit with the grill master.
  • This is AWESOME! My hubby is a chef and we grill out ALOT! Summer vacation just started and we spend just about every waking hour outside! We live in the country so we have picnics, walk in the woods, have bonfires several times a week. This would be awesome to have! We don't have adequate shade either. I would love to have one of these!! Thanks to both of you for a chance!! Good Luck Everyone!
  • We grill out 3 times per week on average never less than that but sometimes more! This would be a wonderful thing for us to have in our yard to keep on grilling even if its raining. Yeah we are die hard like that. Right now we use a beach umbrella. Hey it works!
  • We do grill out a lot. When I saw this in the catalog I could just imagine it in our backyard. I was thrilled to see it as a giveaway.
  • We grill in Ca every few days the weather is always so nice love this set up looks so wonderful to use.
  • We grill out almost every other day during the summers! It's just great to be outside with kids running around!
  • I'd put it on my patio with some chairs under it. It looks pretty big so I may have to put it at my sisters house if I won it. Thank you for the oh so awesome giveaway :)
  • This is the first year that we are really grilling out. We bought a table and chairs as well as a gas grill. We do not have any shade on our back porch so having a gazebo would be great!
  • We do grill out some, but we'd probably use this for other things, too. Thank you for the giveaway!!
  • We do grill out, but I would probably use it more for camping shade than a grilling shade.
  • We grill out 4 seasons of the year. In summer, my back deck is sweltering in the sun and I almost bought one of please good Lord, let me win it. ;)
  • We grill out a lot! Even during the winter if possible! We also just re did our backyard and I have a box garden and have created a little stone path and planted new grass.... plus I am waiting on a new fire pit.... so this would be the perfect addition for us! i so want to WIN this!!! Thanks for sharing and good luck to all!
  • We love to grill out and at times it is so hot that the sun makes it unbearable to be outside with the grill, this gazebo would be the perfect answer to keep the hot sun from roasting you alive..LOL
  • We grill out a lot, and sit outside a lot over the summer, sure would be nice to have some of these Grilling Gazebos.
  • yes, i grill all summer long! I think i would use it for shade while i'm watching the kids in the pool!
  • We grill out at least 3 days a week. This would also be really great for me because I fish every weekend and when I get home I sit outside to clean and filet the fish, but I have no shade to sit in and after being on the boat all day the last thing i wanna do is sit in the sun any longer. We would also use this a lot for our many family and friend gatherings. It would definitely be used almost every day!
  • i'd love to be able to use this gazebo for grilling out, which we do on occasion but not frequently
  • I'd love to use this for the kid's birthday parties, and when we have family over for holiday bbqs
  • I LOVE how creatively that you used yours! lol I live in an apartment where we can't have a grill(BOO! lol) so I'd gift this to my awesome brother who is a HUGE griller in his big yard at his house..His birthday is soon, so this would be awesome for him!! Thanks for the chance to win!! Joey J.
  • We live to grill out but don't do so often enough. This would get us out there a little more.
  • I love to grill year round. It is so easy to put all the meats in marinade along with potatoes and veggies and just pull them out day by day and throw them on the grill for quick easy, non messy, dont heat up the house meals!
  • We love to grill. My husband would love to have this but he might have to fight for it if it shades my little girls pool.
  • We definitely grill out a lot. I love having family and friends over for some great food and great company. I think it was a great idea to put the tables underneath it, like you did above too.
  • We grill out at least twice a week, usually more, during the summer. I like that this would create a clear perimeter for our little kids to stay clear of.
  • My husband grills out a lot, and this would make it so nice for him. Would shield the strong sun, and shield him from the rain as well.
  • When we are grilling, I would set up my grill under it in case of rain, and other times, I'd use it for a shaded relaxing retreat.
  • I do grill out a good bit but this is so awesome that I would use it over my grand daughter's kiddie pool. Would be simply perfect for her ♥
  • we grill so much outside all year long but I also think this could be versatile for like in the yard hanging out with friends to block the sunlight as well
  • We grill a couple of times a month, but would probably put it on our patio, with chairs under it.
  • We grill out a lot during spring and summer this would be great for rainy days or to even shade from the bright sun!
  • I try to grill or have my husband grill out almost every night in the summer. I see no reason to get the house all hot.
  • We use our grill a couple of times a week. This would be great to give more shade in our yard, so that we can have more people over.
  • I grill out at least a couple of times a week.This would be so nice to get out of the sun on those hot summer days.
  • Essentially the same use, land is very scarce at the beach, so everything must do at least double duty...this would replace the sad looking sun shade we are using in the reclaimed patio area
  • I would love to have this to grill under, it would keep me out of the direct sun and I could still enjoy the outdoors.
  • We do grill out a lot and hubby is always reminding me with need to cover the grill so it doesn't fade it from constant sun lite. Thanks great giveaway.
  • I loved to grill. It is just my son and I and we have a fun time. It makes mealtime more of a family event.
  • Oh yes, we grill all the time! Even in the rain. Lol, well my husband does anyways. I sometimes hold the umbrella for him. ;-) Thank you for the opportunity! Have a great rest of your weekend!
  • I grill all year round -- easy now that I'm back in Southern California but I've even grilled in a snowstorm in the Sierras. I think I would use this partly for grilling and partly for shading my seedlings early in the spring...
  • We love to grill out and our patio gets a lot of afternoon and evening sun. This would be fantastic.
  • We do grill alot, but I really liked how you used the gazebo!! thanks for the opportunity to win it
  • We do grill out quite a bit but it's already under a shelter. I would use the gazebo for people to sit under in the shade.
  • We grill out more than we cook in in the summer months. It helps to keep the heat out of the house and my husband loves grilling. jweezie43[at]gmail[dot]com
  • My fiancée and I just moved into a house on a half acre with no shade so i would love love love this!!!
  • Well, we do grill, but our back yard is not really very attractive - or level. If I am lucky enough to win, we'll probably leave it at my mother-in-law's house - we tend to all gather there for grilling events.
  • Thanks for chance this would be great for out family. We try to have a huge cookout yrly for family and friends and this would help so much.
  • We live in Northern Wisconsin and spend as much time as possible outdoors.. we're very outdoorsy people! Lol We would use this gazebo for soooo much, including grilling, hanging out and having a few drinks, putting it next to the fire at night, birthday parties, ect! Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity :) [email protected]
  • We do grill a lot during the spring and summer! This would be perfect for really hot sunny days!
  • Yes I grill all the time and I really love my new grill and would love to treat it right and cover it up!
  • We grill out all the time. This would have been great for both of my daughters graduation cook rained both days and hubby still grilled out in the rain :)
  • This time of year we grill out more often than we cook in the kitchen. We have a lovely deck on the back of our house but it is not covered. This gazebo would be the perfect shady solution for that space.
  • We do love to grill and ever since my Honey/Hubby's bout with skin cancer ~ we try to be extra careful. But this gazebo would also be so great for entertaining as either a bar or a buffet!
  • We love to grill out as often as we can during the summer months, but we have no means of protection from the rain. This would be so perfect!! Thanks for this opportunity :)
  • I don't grill out as much as I'd like to because the house we live in now makes it difficult (layout, steps). We're moving in the next year and it will be much more convenient to do so then and I hope to do it a lot more.
  • We grill every single weekend :) I would use this for shade in the off-time that we're not grilling.
  • I lived in Europe as a nanny and they would grill several times a week. I miss that. Maybe this gazebo would help me to grill more.
  • We grill all the time and I always feel bad that hubby is standing in the sun grilling. This would make his day!

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