Brew Over Ice with Coffee Ice Cubes

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This has to be the best idea ever! I first heard about it a few months ago. A friend of mine back home owns a small coffee shop and they won a local award for this idea ~ coffee ice cubes. Genius I think!

Can’t believe it has taken me this long to try it. With Back to School I depend on my coffee in the  mornings!

Coffee Ice Cubes


To get started grab your ice trays. One or two should do for a single cup brew depending on how much your machine makes. It is also easier to pour when you have a container with a sprout.

Brew a cup of coffee at your largest setting. My Keurig Platinum lets me make one glass up to 12oz which is perfect for this experiment. Pour coffee into your trays!



Set your trays in the freezer overnight. The next morning they will be all ready for you to make your first drink of the day!

I took out my cubes and placed them in my beachy reusable cup and grabbed one of my favorite Brew Over Ice flavors ~ Donut Shop’s Nutty Hazelnut.

Brew Over Ice Coffee Ice Cubes

What is great about my Keurig Platinum is that it has a removable tray at the bottom. I have one really large Brew Over Ice glass that wouldn’t normally fit a coffee maker. After I remove that bottom tray I am all good!

There is also a filter in the water storage tank, as tap water is not recommended and wouldn’t taste very good I don’t think.

Keurig Over Ice

Brew like normal over your Coffee Ice Cubes. Add sugars and sweeteners as needed.

Iced Coffee for the Beach

Now I’m ready for a morning at the beach….or the bus stop. Surf’s Up Dude!

oh, and when you’ve drained your drink the ice cubes taste good! Now I know you really want to try it. 🙂

This can work for Brew Over Ice Tea or Lemonade too.


Stay tuned as I’m getting fired up to create Brew Over Ice recipes. Yum!

Have you heard of coffee ice cubes before?

I am a Brew Over Ice Blogger and I’m having fun having coffee talk with you. I was sent these supplies free. Also all Amazon links are affiliates and you help support this blog when you use them. Thank you for that!


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