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I need help when it comes to Health and Fitness. Yes I am all about Living Healthy as you know from this blog, but I struggle. I really like plans in front of me and accountabilty to keep me motivated. If you give me the materials I need, I am much more focused to succeed. This is where BodyLab comes in!

I signed up for the #BeTheGirl Fitness Challenge on their website. Sorry that I posted this late and signup is over, but you can still follow along with the hashtag. Or even better just join the BodyLab site to get started. Have your own challenge! I’ll tell you why it’s great, but first let me explain how BodyLab came about.

Founded by Jennifer Lopez, BodyLab is a new revolutionary lifestyle brand formulated and designed to optimize the health and fitness efforts of women. Made by women, specifically for women, BodyLab is a line of protein powders and supplements that were specifically designed to address the physiological differences between men and women and to work with women’s bodies, making it easier for them to optimize their results and see significant changes… fast. BodyLab® products are designed to burn body fat, increase lean muscle, make workouts more effective, boost energy and increase metabolism.

Please note that you don’t need the BodyLab products to work with them. I’m going to share about their awesome app in a minute, but first I do want to show you my Total SHAPE UP Kit which is a 30-day system. Here it is – products placed in front of my nose with a guide to tell me what to take and when.


  • Triple Process Detox & Cleanse plus Probiotic Replenishment: Helps reduce belly bloat and body waste buildup so you feel lighter and more energized, while the probiotic helps replenish healthy bacteria and restore intestinal balance*
  • Thermodynamic Total Burn™: The ultimate thermogenic formula for powerful fat burning, increased metabolic rate and enhanced energy*
  • Thermodynamic Pre-Workout Extender™: This three-phase thermogenic activator boosts metabolism and increases caloric burn both during and for hours after your workout*
  • TastyShake™ Thermodynamic Protein Complex: This delicious, calorie smart protein shake for women not only helps fuel lean tissue, but also helps rev metabolism, increase thermogenesis, enhance energy, improve focus and boost mood*

Love knowing I have a chocolate shake waiting for me when I finish working out!

I will admit to you that working out is hard for me in the summer. I know for most people it is probably the opposite, but when I have all the kids home I get distracted and there is no room to move and there are places to go and people to see. You know. One thing that helps is to get the kids involved. I bring them along on my run/walk or have them do simple exercise with me. My older kids may grumble, but the five year loves this!

Now let me tell you about my favorite part of BodyLab. It’s the BodyLab App. It’s seriously awesome!

BodyLab App

It not only helps me track my weight and progress, but it guides me through each day. In the Diet Plan section it tells me how many calories I can eat in a day. I record my meals and snacks by typing or searching for that food. Or – and this is the best part – it knows how many calories I am eating by scanning the barcode. No joke. If I eat a yogurt for breakfast, I scan the barcode on the container and the app records it in my plan!

There are also Recipes and a Meal Locator where I type in my zip code and it brings up restaurants and food options, then you just Add in the food to your Plan instantly. oh yes!

And the Fitness Plan? Everyday it tells me my workout. One day I’ll work with weights and the next day I’ll take a jog.

Do I have you sold? Check out and see how you can get started.

BodyLab Jennifer Lopez

Do you need help in the Health and Fitness department too?

I was sent the BodyLab Kit to help my health and fitness journey. All opinions are my own.

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