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Boar’s Head Lower Sodium Line

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What is the only deli meat I buy? Boar's Head of course! I am picky about what I buy and I only want the best.

We eat sandwiches a lot for lunches. The kids like them in their lunchbox and at home I make paninis which they LOVE. We visit the deli counter every week.  They know us there!

Many times I buy what is on sale, but this week I had a chance to try out Boar's Head lower sodium deli meats and cheeses and so glad I did! I do try and watch the salt and have to admit I've never thought to much about buying lower sodium meats and cheeses. I think it's a great idea!

I bought the Premium 47% Lower Sodium Oven Roasted Turkey Breast and the Lacey Swiss Cheese, which is naturally low in salt. I was excited to learn that because I already love this cheese!

The sandwiches were just as yummy as always. Still full of flavor. I'm happy to know we had a little less salt in our diet this week.

But did you also know that Bread is the biggest contributor of sodium to the American diet? I love my bread, but haven't had it as much lately as I'm eating more Paleo-style. A great idea is to put the meats and cheeses on a salad or maybe just use one slice of bread to cut back and opt for an Open Face Sandwich. There are some options!

Actually, P'Diddy almost never eats bread. He always eats his sandwich fillings separately. Meat and cheese are eaten alone. Sometimes I can get some lettuce or spinach in him too. Will he eat it all together though? No. That's ok, Boar's Head is good no matter how you eat it!

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  • Oh yes boars head is one of my favorite brands. They are the only deli meat I will buy unless I am at whole foods where all their deli meat is nitrate free! I especially love boars heads rosemary ham!! How do you make your paninis? Do You have a press??

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