Blue Man Group at Universal Studios Orlando


Wow! That is what I want to say about this unique show. As I was sitting in my seat that night watching the Blue Man Group, I kept thinking….How do I blog this? What words can I possibly use to describe this performance?

Intriguing. Electric. Hilarious. Intense. Entertaining.

My hubby had tears run down his face he was laughing so hard. um, tears? I never see those! This was during one of the comedy scenes where they grabbed someone out of the audience to join them on stage. The whole show was very engaging between the Blue Man Group and us sitting in front of them. In fact, the first few rows had to wear special waterproof covers so that they wouldn’t get paint on them.


yes paint!

The drumming was my favorite part of the show. The barrels and paint was truly unique, but the pipes? oh  my I could have sat in my chair all night listening and watching them beat on them with their rubber pads. Amazing the different tones and beats it can make.

blue man

I was nervous about it being kid friendly, but my boys were definitely riveted in their seats. There were a few lines that I’m sure were over their heads, but overall just watching the Blue Man Group, lights, paints, props, drums, was enough to keep them and all of us occupied for over an hour and a half of nonstop show. In fact the boy in front of us was probably 6 or 7 and was celebrating his birthday that night. The whole audience sang him Happy Birthday and he just danced and giggled the whole night through.


The Blue Man Group show can be found in Universal Studios Orlando, right between the gates of both parks. Afterwards you can head out to the CityWalk – an amazing place with shop and restaurants to keep you busy all night long.

Have you had the chance to see a Blue Man Group show?

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I partnered with Universal Studios Orlando on my trip. All opinions are my own.


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