My New Home & It’s Beautiful Local Parks Colorado

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I inform people I now live in Crunchy Colorado. I have never been in a community before that urges people to get outdoors like my new town. Let me tell you a little bit about it and their beautiful local parks Colorado.

Every street has a bike lane. Every street.

Every open field has a path running through it. Every open space.

It is the law that you yield to runners and bikers crossing the street on walkways. Even on busy streets.

I’ve never seen so many outdoor sports stores.

And the parks? Oh soooo many!


I had a really hard time deciding what photos I wanted to share with you in my two short months I’ve lived here. We have already gone on so many adventures – right here in our local parks!

The picture above is looking out my back window. It’s a public pasture and there is a trail running through the middle of it…yep we can get up close and personal with the cows!


A short drive from our house we have this AMAZING park that is a canyon! We watched people rock climb (soooo cool!), skipped over streams, and got dirty hiking up the dusty paths.

Two of my boys have decided that they are going to learn to rock climb as soon as they can. Eeeeek. This scares me a bit, but this is the state of adventure, right? This is one of my favorite photos that Hubby captured.


The beauty of our local parks is just astounding and we don’t just have one. We have sooooo many to explore. From steep hills to flat paths, there is something for everyone to get out and enjoy the beauty that God gave us!


The Trust for Our Land – #OurLand – creates parks and protects land for people, ensuring healthy, livable communities for generations to come. We protect the places people care about and create close-to-home parks—particularly in and near cities, where 80% of Americans live.

I have a fun activity for you to help spread the word. Submit your own postcard stating Why Nature Matters to You. Use hashtag #OurLand and share across your social media channels. Here is mine! It was our first hike to the top and a proud moment!

Local Parks Colorado

Watching the #OurLand video will make you want to get outdoors! It’s fun to see how others all over the country enjoy nature.

Have you visited the local parks Colorado or your own?

This was a sponsored post partnering with MomDot Media and The Trust for Our Land.

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