Be Healthy & Beautiful with the T3 Source ShowerHead that Filters!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for T3. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and as a thank you for participating.

I am in love. With my showerhead.

Now we have had a filtered showerhead before. Filtered water is not only important to me to drink, but also for your skin. You should see definite improvements when you remove all of the junk. It’s healthy!

I will admit though that I never thought about it as a beauty object to make your skin and your hair silky soft. It totally makes sense though!


We received the T3 Source Showerhead and I immediately handed it over to Hubby to install because he is taller! And well, it is just his job has handyman. hee hee. He says to use a pair of channel lock pliers to unscrew your old one off and the new one on. Took about 5 minutes total.

I couldn’t wait to take a shower. I stepped in and was like oh my my. Hubby had it on a setting that poured out so much more water than our old one I couldn’t believe it! It was actually a bit too much for me, but that’s okay because there are EIGHT settings! I found my perfect one. Hubby has his own perfect setting. How nice we can each have our own heavenly shower?

T3 Source Showerhead

The T3 Source Showerhead removes up to 95% chlorine. Through a chemical filtration process known as ‘Redox’, it transform chlorine into harmless elements that are too large to be absorbed by hair and skin. After 10 washes you should notice your hair to be…

-64% reduction in frizz
-28% increase in body
-47% increase in “comb-ability”
-28% increase in shine

I put highlights in my hair sometimes and try and use special shampoo to keep it longer, but just by washing it with filtered water will keep my color from fading too quickly. Love that!

We were driving along one day in the car and I was running my fingers through my hair without thinking. I was like wow my hair seems really soft…which was weird to me. Then it dawned on me…hello it’s my new showerhead! It really does do everything it says.

I know you will love the T3 Source Showerhead to Be Healthy and Be Beautiful!

Have you thought about using a filtered showerhead?


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