Be Green & Save Money While You Sleep!

For the most part I think I’m pretty good at remembering to turn off electronics at night. Though I do think about all of those devices that we keep plugged in. If it has a clock or light on it then it definitely burning energy!

My cell phone? I am guilty of keeping it plugged in all night to be charged which is dumb because it doesn’t take long for the battery to be full if I paid attention and charged it during the day.

Love this infographic that shows the money we burn while keeping our electronics on at night

 Energy Saving Infographic
Brought to you by Ovo Energy – the cheaper, greener and simpler energy supplier


Are you good at turning off your electronics at night?



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  • I leave my phone plugged in all night too. Mostly because I plug it in when I got to bed. Don't really want to get up to unplug it. I know that doesn't make any sense because I could charge it an hour BEFORE I got to bed. Something I need to make a concience effort to do I guess.

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