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BBQ Grill Mats Make Life Easier

It’s finally time to get out the grill again. yay! As I’m typing up this post my boys are carrying out all the patio furniture. We are excited to spend time outside again. I will read, work, and of course EAT out on my deck. Hubby is in charge of cooking on the grill, but I’m going to tell you that he is not the best cleaner-upper. Last year I found a new product I had never heard of and ordered it for him to make clean up easier. BBQ Grill Mats. I was excited for him to use them, but I have to tell you it turned to disappointment. The mats were small in size, the material was very thin and flimsy, and they were not easy to clean. YRYM HT contacted me recently to write about their grill mats and I said sure, but this time I was definitely leery.

I’m happy to tell you that this BBQ Grill Mat is GREAT! Let me tell you about it.

BBQ Grill mat

Made from heat-resistant technologically advanced materials and premium PTFE-Fiberglass coating (Teflon). They are PFOA free – no dangerous chemicals! They are Certified as safe by the FDA.

Heat eat resistant up to 500 degrees. They will not burn.

Non-stick grill mat which means they wipe right up! Ours cleaned up beautifully. This also means food will not stick. You can flip over your meats without them sticking.

They are multi-purpose. Don’t just use them on the grill, but can be used as nonstick oven liners, baking mats, and cake tin liners. They are easy to trim to fit your pans.

Don’t just grill meat. Vegetables will not fall through the grill slots now. You could also cook pancakes and eggs on them!

You can use over and over!

BBQ Grill mat

We made lamb/beef burgers with cheese in the middle. Hubby loved the way the mats worked and made a point to show me how the grease will not run through the slots anymore to make a huge mess. The burgers cooked up perfectly and we couldn’t have been happier. After the mat cooled down I brought it to the sink to clean up with a silicone scrubber, but I did no scrubbing. The mess easily wiped away!

Find more info about the YRYM HT Grill&Baking Mat at their website.

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Buy these BBQ Grill Mats on Amazon

The Amazon Prime price is $12.97 for a pack of 5 grill mats and 2 silicone brushes. That is without the coupon!

BBQ Grill Mats

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  • I love to grill burgers and chicken most. I look forward to spring and summer when we can fire up the grill. The Grill mats would be great for my cheeseburgers and for some of the veggies I like to grill
  • We do some grilling in the Spring & Summer. My husband's not really into grilling, but he obliges me :) I've always wanted to try these Grilling Mats; thanks for this chance!!
  • During nice weather my husband wants to grill almost every day if he can,he just likes the food better that way.
  • Yes! But we also grill in bad weather too!! Did I mention how much I love grilled food?? My husband thinks I am crazy but I love anything grilled!!
  • I love to grill. I try to grill for as many months out of the year the weather permits. Which usually is 8 or 9 months.
  • I would use these mats in my oven too. Clean up using these is a dream. No more scrubbing baking sheets and pans!
  • Actually, since we have our grill connected to the natural gas line (we had to buy a grill that was set up for that) and have it on the deck, right outside our kitchen door, I have grilled in all types of weather (yes, even snow). I did try a cheap brand of grill mats and loved them, but they didn't last very long. I would love a better set. My only complaint about these mats is that when you grill things like hamburgers, the fat collects on the mats so I have to keep pushing it off (and then have to worry about flare-ups). Done carefully it isn't really an issue though.
  • These would be perfect for the grill. I love the no mess aspect! They must be similar to Sit-pat used in the oven.
  • We grill out alot in the spring and summer at occasionally in the winter. Of course my hubby thinks he is the best but I think I do a pretty good job too.
  • This mat sounds wonderful, we grill all the time once the weather is nice and cleaning up the grill is always a problem.
  • We barbecue all the time it doesn't matter what time of year, I recently tried a grilling mat and I love it but could use a new one.
  • My husband grills most of the time. I hope I win this grill mat. He gripes about a dirty grill, and I'm sure this would help keep it clean. Peace in the family will be restored.
  • I grill year ound but especially when it is nice out or even so hot that I do not want to turn the oven on.
  • We usually have BBQs by my sister's house with the nice weather and we do enjoy grilling!
  • Yes, we love grilling when the weather is nice! I definitely think that everything tastes better when cooked on the grill!

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