Basic Invite Sale + a peek at My Boy’s Birth Announcements


This is a sponsored post with Basic Invite sale and cute cards. 

When C’Man was born I made the cutest birth announcements! It was my first child and I wanted to be creative.

hand stamped feet birth announcement

2 years later I did the same for O’Bear. These really were work as those threads are real and I remember it took me longer to get them out. You know I had a baby and a toddler running around and was a tad busy!

 DIY baseball birth announcement

5 and a half years later I couldn’t take the time to handcraft anymore. I ordered fast and easy online and so glad I did. You know why? As I prepared for this post I couldn’t even FIND P’Diddy’s birth announcement. It wasn’t taped in his baby book like his older brothers. Thank you Lord that it was saved online and I’m able to order this memory again.

You can do the same and make birth announcements with

Basic Invite Sale

Why you want to check out Basic Invite:

Almost Unlimited Colors – most sites you have 2-3 colors you can choose from, but here they have over 180 different color options to play with!

Custom Samples – order a printed sample of the invitation you created first. Then place your full order when you’re happy. 

Over 40 Different Colors of Envelopes – love this! Plus all envelopes are peel and seal so the envelopes can be quickly and securely closed. No licking!

Free Address Collection Service – use their free address collection service to request your addresses with just three simple steps. Share a link, collect addresses, and get free envelope printing. 

Gold & Silver Foil – in addition of real foil to the holiday cards line – foil is available in gold, silver, and rose gold.

Over 250 Christmas card and holiday card designs – check out their cute Christmas cards!

 Basic Invite Sale

Right now Basic Invite has three great sales – 30% off holiday cards (get them early!) plus 40% off birth announcements and fancy baby shower invitations. You can’t go wrong!

Shop the Basic Invite Sale.

Basic Invite Sale

Tell me about your birth announcements! Did you make them? Order online?

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