Bamboo Towels From Cariloha – Earth Friendly and Plush

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Once you get a feel of Cariloha, you won’t want anything else. Bamboo Towels are here.

Let me remind you about my last Cariloha post. I showed off their bamboo sheets and bamboo throw. I was quite smitten in that post, but now I have had these products on my bed for three months I am more then smitten. I don’t think I can put another pair of sheets on my bed! And the super soft cozy blanket is heavy and warm…perfect for these chilly nights.

To add to my collection of Cariloha, I just received the Bamboo Towels. Wait, did I say towels? Because these honestly feel like a blanket! My kids said the same exact thing…as I let them briefly touch my new towel set. Not use, but touch. ha!

It was four o-clock in the afternoon when my box arrived. Right to the shower I went! I stepped out and engulfed myself in softness and stayed that way as long as I could. This got me thinking that Cariloha needs to make robes to match these towels!

Bamboo Towels Cariloha Bamboo Towels

These earth-friendly bamboo towels  are luxuriously plush, hypoallergenic and snag resistant. Made from a blend of rayon from renewable bamboo and Turkish-combed cotton.

They feature an infusion of special silicon softener, resulting in an even softer, finer hand for increased bamboo-soft comfort. The towels are optimized for softness, weight and plushness – not too thin and not too thick – just right.

Why bamboo?

  • Soft: Cariloha bamboo apparel, bedding and bath goods are twice as soft as cotton.
  • Cool: Bamboo is 3 degrees cooler than cotton and wicks moisture away from your body.
  • Clean & Green: Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic and the most sustainable resources on the planet.

“Environmentalists hailing bamboo as the new ‘It’ plant for saving the earth.”New York Times

“Because it is so exotically soft, bamboo is often marketed alongside luxury fibers like silk and cashmere.” Wall Street Journal

Are you ready to check out Cariloha Towels?

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Cariloha Bamboo Towels

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