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If you asked my kids what kind of shows I watch the most on tv they would say baking. Even though I probably don’t bake often enough, when I do I always make cake, cookies, brownies, etc from scratch. In fact, I just made an apple crumble last night! Who do I usually have by my side as my helper? P’Diddy! In fact, I write Bake with Kids right into our homeschool planner so that we are sure to be in the kitchen at least every couple of weeks, if not more. The hardest part is finding a recipe that is quick and easy because if it’s not he will get frustrated and the whole thing turns into a chore instead of fun.

The last few months we’ve tried out Baketivity. A service that provides Kids Baking Kits that are ready to go. You can subscribe monthly or buy kits separately. All are kid-friendly with different themes and learning lessons. You will see P’Diddy’s world cookie in the pic below!

Each recipe has illustrated step by step numbered instructions.

Bake with Kids


Dry ingredients are pre-measured out. Just dump when the recipe calls for it.

Back with Kids


We always think the finished assembly is the best part!

Bake with Kids

Bake with Kids

Right now there is a Back to School sale going on where you can choose 3 kits for $60. That’s a great deal! I know it will make your school year more special. Spending time in the kitchen together are memories that I don’t think the kids will ever forget. I remember those times with my mom!

Do you like to Bake with Kids? What does your family like to Bake?

Shop – this month it is Beach Cupcakes!!


I have partnered with US Family Guide and Baketivity for this post in exchange for product. All opinions are our own. We had fun with these kits!

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