Back to School Products for Kids

We’re going Back to School in a few day and I could spend hours surfing through all the cute back to school products for kids to find all kinds of great stuff for the boys!

Do you want to see the cutest item I found?

Back to School Products for Kids

The Dabbawalla Vintage Flyer Eco-Backpack which is crafted entirely from a versatile, durable, neoprene-like fabric that cushions, protects and insulates. Inside adjustable straps grow with the child or can be pulled tight when carrying the bags as a tote using the sturdy handle. Two inside mesh pockets provide a convenient way to stash and separate gear. 

Loooovvveee this bag! Yes I know he is only 18 months old and not going to school yet, but we still take it everywhere! Can’t you tell he loves it too? The adjustable straps make it nice and snug with plenty of growth over the next couple of years. The neoprene-like fabric is wonderful and is cushy soft.

He took it as his carry on backback on the plane last week!


Food is also important and some fun and healthier items to pack for snacks and lunches.

We tried Revolution Foods ~

I try all the new snacks I get and why these aren’t my favorites (we tried strawberry banana) P’Diddy loves them! So I think my vote is out and we’d definitely get them again. They are tiny little dots – like nerds – that he picks up/sticks to his hand and can easily eat. We’ve learned they are a bit messy so in the high chair he goes. The older kids can easily throw a handful in their mouths.

Last but not least, one of the most important Back to School items to grab are for Lunch!


The ECOlunchpod Stainless Steel Snack Cup is my new companion. I am a container girl and stainless steel has become my favorite even though I don’t really have the perfect sized one. Well I do now!

For now it lives in my diaper bag, but I will be giving it up next week to use in the boy’s lunchboxes. It is the perfect size and easy to open for them.


What back to school products for kids do you love?


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  • He looks so cute with his "pack pack" as T Rex calls them. Those snack cups are pretty cool too. Sounds like a fun event. Are your older boys going to school yet?
  • I love the EcoLunchPod! :) Perfect for unsmooshed food! :) AND he is ADORABLE with that backpack! :) SOOO cute! By the way, I have tried the YoDrops and they are not my favorites either. And they do make a huge mess. I mix them in with his applesauce so they are less messy. Sort of. Depends how you look at it. And how much applesauce he wants to fling around on any given day! :)

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