Baby Trend Euroride Lightweight Stroller

Having a lightweight jogger stroller is very important! Something you can keep in the car that folds up nicely and can easily take out when needed. The big and bulky can just be to much! I’ve learned a lot about strollers after three kids and I definitely have my favorite features. We have a Baby Trend jogging stroller that I use almost daily. I was happy to try out the Baby Trend Euroride Stroller to see what I thought! Also note that the newest model is called the Phantom.

Baby Trend Euroride Stroller

Baby Trend Euroride Stroller

What I Liked About the Baby Trend Jogger

Folds up nice. Easy and compact. Very lightweight. These are the most important features to me!

The seat reclines and even Hubby will tell you that it is the easiest reclining seat we’ve ever had in a stroller. Baby Trend uses a simple drawstring to put it up and down.

Ergonomic handles. Love handles like this. Easy to push.

Large basket underneath. It sits up higher so items are easier to grab.

5-point harness. Great for the little ones to keep them snug and secure.

Looks stylish. I really like the mocha color. Comes in grey too.

Another huge bonus is that it can turn into a travel system and attach ANY Baby Trend infant car seat to it!

What Could be Added to Baby Trend Stroller

I need a area on top near the handles to keep my phone because I glance at it often on my walks.

A cup holder!!

While the canopy hood is large compared to many umbrella type strollers, it still could be better I think. Cover more of the front area so his eyes are shielded better.

Baby Trend Phantom Jogger Stroller

Edited to add: The updated version is called the Phantom and does have a cup holder and a better area on top to store things.

I would love to hear what you think if you purchased this one to compare.

Baby Trend Stroller


Find the Baby Trend Jogging Stroller on Amazon.

What do you think? In the market for a new stroller?

I received this stroller for review. All opinions are my own. Links may be affiliate.

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