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Baby is taking his first steps in his pedipeds!

First steps in pedipeds. It’s something we all look forward to. I had mixed feelings about P’Diddy walking. He’s my third child so I know that once he is walking then nothing can stop him from getting to where he wants…and fast! But I also wanted him to walk. Make my life a little easier so I didn’t have to carry him everywhere and he could walk along beside me. You know how it is.

One thing I started thinking about is shoes. My children go without any type of shoe until they are walking and then when I do buy some I want them to be “good” shoes. I’m excited to tell you that P’Diddy’s first pair of shoes are from pediped!

pediped Originals

Angela Edgeworth started pediped after her first daughter Caroline was born. Angela wanted a shoe that was comfortable, stylish and could be worn both indoors and out, and most importantly, she wanted a shoe that was healthy for her child’s developing feet.


After a lot of research she discovered that doctors recommended barefoot walking or a soft leather sole shoe. pediped creates footwear that most closely resembles the natural shape of a baby’s foot and the Originals most closely mimic barefoot walking. When children learn to walk they tend to shuffle, so rubber soles or shoes with grip, force children to change their natural stride and can actually make them trip. Originals have a durable, slip-resistant leather sole. They’re roomy so the foot can move and grip and they’re flexible so your child can actually feel the floor.

Made with two layers of leather and a soft foam pad the shoes offer nothing but comfort. One thing I was worried about was no traction grooves at the bottom but actually I was wrong! (Imagine that!) They are made with slip-resistant coating that makes them perfect for both indoor AND outdoor use. Phew!

I have to say that in the few weeks we have been wearing them, we’ve really been wearing them! We go out, walk around, crawl about, and he really does seem to do super well with them. Hey, you can see for yourself…

Isn’t he the cutest? My big boy!

pediped makes two other lines of shoes too as kids grow. The grip n go which will be our next step. Oh no, that is when he’ll definitely be running! And then the Flex. They all come in ADORABLE colors, styles (sandals, dress, etc) so that we will neeeed lots of different ones right? I may not get to shop for shoes for myself anymore, but I sure can for my little guys 🙂

What were your babies first pair of shoes?

pediped sent me shoes for this review but I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own.



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  • SO cute!!! And we love pedipeds. We used them with T Rex and then passed along his hand-me-downs to his sister so she hasn't had any fun ones yet but we'll get there. Soon you have a pack of three kids in Jedi robes roaming the house. It's awesome, isn't it?
  • This is great to know, because my daughter is a new walker, and with the weather hopefully getting nice soon she is going to need shoes to wear while outside. I have been looking around to see what would be a good shoe for a beginning walker.
  • I will be trying these. I just put regular shoes on my 1-year-old the other day. It didn't go so well. You're little one is adorable!
  • My daughter's first shoes were a tiny little pair of pink and silver Puma's. They were semi-soft soled, so easy for her to walk in and able to use when leaving the house. She wanted to wear them all the time and is still equally obsessed when she gets new shoes! She just turned 2 and is also awesome at walking in my heals with a very girly strut. :)
  • oh my word he is SO cute!! Love that toddling little walk! Definitely PediPeds makes cute shoes!! A. is taking his sweet time about the walking - seems like he's almost going to and then he just plops down and crawls! :) Stinker! YAY for P!
    • He'll get there! P has been taking steps for awhile now but just finally decided that he actually liked WALKING and is now doing to quite often! :) (PS let me know if this reply gets emailed to you)

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