Atom Alarm 10 Years of Protection

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What is the worst sound in the world? I’ll give you a second to think…

ho hum do da dee.

Did you say a the chirp of a low battery on a smoke detector? I agree if you did.

First Alert, who is a top name in home safety, has a new product out called the Atom Smoke & Fire Alarm that has 10 Year Battery! It has a lot of other neat features too that I’m happy to tell you about.

First Alert 10 Years of Protection Atom Alarm

Atom Alarm

Micro Design. It’s super small – like 2″x 2″ – and modern looking for your contemporary decor.

Eco. Uses 52% less resin to manufacture and 76% less plastic packaging than the standards.

Advanced Smoke Entry System with Photoelectric Sensor. This means fewer false alarms, like when you’re cooking and you don’t really mean to burn the house down.

Loud Siren. When there is smoke detected you will know it. The LED light will also flash.

SmartClip Mounting makes it easy to install on your wall or ceiling and weighs less than 3oz. You could probably even just set on a high shelf (like if you rent), no one will even notice it.

Test Button. Test it monthly to see if it still works or push if the alarm ever goes off falsely to end that racket.

10 Year Battery. No replacements ever! The lithium powercell will last for 10 years (!!) and will let you know when you need to get a new one.

Do you need an Atom Alarm?

Grab one for all your rooms! Here is what is recommended.

First Alert 10 Years of Protection Atom Alarm

The First Alert Atom Smoke and Fire Alarm is available many places – Costco, hardware stores and Amazon {the reviews are good!}.


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