Argh! It’s The Pirates Movie Night! #couchcritics

It is family movie night and we are watching The Pirates! Band of Misfits.

We had a whole night of piratey fun planned, but first we had to grab the movie and prepare for a morning of errands.

To make it as swift as possible, I reserved online first at, then headed to Walmart to pick it up.

The process was so simple that O’Bear took over the controls.

He just had to touch the screen as commanded and insert my debit card. Out popped our movie!

You can see our morning of preparation HERE – from renting the movie to grabbing our snacks.

Pirate Booty and Root BEER is what we were going to feast on.

I hooked up all four flavors available and caffeine free Mug. Boys were so excited – I don’t know about what more, the pirate theme or getting to drink soda (oh I mean beer) as they never get to do that.

We set up our island – the pirate beach towel – and began to watch. Who would walk the plank first?

The Pirates! Band of Misfits is about Pirate Captain who wants to win the Pirate of the Year Award and compete against his mateys. How do you think he is supposed to accomplish that? He needs to have the most booty. Should we share ours?

We had fun watching this animated adventure through the seven seas where Pirate Captain learns his parrot is a rare, prized doo doo bird. Does he sell him to Queen Victoria who hates pirates and wants to eat his bird for dinner, so that he can become Pirate of the Year?

You will have to watch and see!

The boys definitely got into the spirit and I had a great time just watching them giggle and talk pirate.

oh, and they really didn’t like the root beer after all the hype. 🙂


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Do you have family movie nights?


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